1154Wh Portable Power Station, 1500W Peak(Rated 1300W) Solar Generator 110-120V AC Outlets Backup Lithium Battery UPS Power Supply for Home Use Camping Outdoor Emergency ( Solar Panel Not Included)

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Product Description

camping generatorcamping generator

portable power stationportable power station

solar generatorsolar generator

Lithium battery stationLithium battery station

solar panelsolar panel

Pure Sine Wave ACPure Sine Wave AC

Solar Generator 110 vSolar Generator 110 v

Advanced BMS(Battery Management System)

This BMS technology is used in electric cars, it has been proved by stringent tests.

MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking)

Intelligent detection, make the solar charging more efficiency

Pure Sine Wave AC

Pure Sine Wave AC is the stable AC, It can power your sensitive and costly devices without damaging.

Zero Wastage

Benefited from advanced BMS, our portable generator will not loss battery power when it is not in use

backup power supplybackup power supply

camping batterycamping battery


What devices are the power station compatible with?

It is compatible with most electrical appliances, but please avoid appliances that are over 1300w. You can find the power of the appliance on the charger label. For example, the charger of the projector reads the output 19v 5A, which means that the power of the device is 19*5=95w.

Can the battery generator be used while charging?

Yes. Our power station’s monitor will show the power of input and output, and it will calculate the battery lasting time through input and output.

How to choose the solar panel?

Please note that the solar panel must has DC8020 plug(8*2mm) or it come with DC8020 connector. Our package included XT60 solar charging cable. And the solar voltage: 15-48V

How long is the battery life?

Working time = 1154Wh / the wattage of your device. You can find the power of the device on the charger label. For example, the charger of the projector reads the output 19v 5A, which means that the power of the device is 19*5=95w,, so the working times for projector 1154Wh/95W=12H. Please note the working time is based on laboratory data, the working time maybe longer or shorter when using.

How long does it take to fully charge the portable power station?

The charging time depend on your input power, every charger, car and solar panel is different. It is the time for reference: Wall charger 4H, Car outlet 15H, Solar panel 4H-14H

200W, Peak 400W 700W, Peak 1000W 1300W, Peak 1500W

240Wh/65000mAh 577Wh/156000mAh 1154Wh/312000mAh

6LB 15LB 26LB

8.2*6.9*3.3 in 10*6.9*6.4 in 10*6.9*9.8 in

SAFETY FIRST: Our portable power station uses the latest battery management technology, which can be applied on vehicles and has undergone the strictest tests. At the same time, it has passed the certification from UL, CE and FCC, etc. Because of its high energy density, safety should be the first priority.
ZERO LOSS: Benefited from advanced battery management technology, our portable generator will not lose energy like others when it is not in use, and it can ensure sufficient power even if it is left unused for a long time. Our energy-storage power bank outputs sine-wave current, which is a very stable current that won’t damage some of your sensitive and costly devices like other poor quality ones do.
MPPT CHARGING TECHNOLOGY: This Solar Generator adopts MPPT charging technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking), which can detect the generating voltage of the solar panel in real time and track the highest voltage and current value (VI), so that the system can charge the battery with the maximum power output.
VERSATILE POWER SOURCE: 4* Pure Sine Wave AC outlet (110-120V 1300W), 2* USB ports (5V, 2.4A), 1* USB3.0(9V 2A) 1*Type-c port and 1* 12V DC car port for your car electrical goods. This power station is multifunctional and portable enough for your road trip, camping or emergency.
WHAT YOU GET: 1*1154Wh Portable Power Station, 1*AC power adapter, 1*Car Charging Cable, 1*solar charging cable and 1*user manual(Solar panel is not included). Quality assurance 10 years warranty. Feel free to contact us at any time.
List Price: $850.00

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