3 Ways To Simplify The RV Entrepreneur Lifestyle

3 Ways To Simplify The RV Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Kimberly Crossland has started multiple businesses on the road as an RV entrepreneur.

Being An RV Entrepreneur Is Easier Than You Think

Wonky internet connections. Unexpected travel delays. Noisy neighbors. Running a business from your RV has its fair share of unique challenges. While many blogs, podcasts, and articles exist about running a freedom-based business, few understand the actual challenges behind being an entrepreneur and running a business from your RV. That’s because this lifestyle isn’t the norm, and we love it.

Running a business that lets you hit the road whenever you want, explore the country (and even the world) on the backroads, and free yourself of crowded airports or musky hotel rooms is highly desirable. It’s also highly uncertain and can lead to many fresh hurdles in mainstream business media that aren’t talked about often enough.

If you’re eager to simplify your RV entrepreneur lifestyle, these three strategies are for you.

1. Get choosy about what you consume as an entrepreneur

One of the most common things you and I do as entrepreneurs is soak up new information. If you’re like many entrepreneurs I talk to, you’re a sponge for the latest insights and ideas because you know that this world is moving quickly. The problem? All that knowledge intake can lead to scattered thinking, shiny object syndrome running, and the ever-toxic comparison game.

The harder part about this is that you have extra time to listen into podcasts because your commute between campgrounds tends to be longer. Rather than driving for a half hour to the office, you drive for four hours to the next campground. During that time, podcasts usually fill the quiet space, sharing ideas, strategies, and fresh takes on entrepreneurship.

Once you arrive and set up camp, you might sit back in your rocking camping chair and pop open your email. Waiting inside are more tips, ideas, articles, and courses to navigate this unpredictable journey.

Stay focused on your goals

As a podcaster and an email marketer, this next piece of advice might sound strange. It’s time to unsubscribe and get choosy about what you consume. The more you listen to and consume, the more likely you are to change course as often as you change campgrounds. That knee-jerk reaction to making updates to your business will stunt your growth.

To stay focused and stay on track, get choosy about who you listen to and how well they know your lifestyle. Be sure you’re leaning in and committing to a few strong voices in the world of entrepreneurship as you navigate your business. The better you can do this, the more open you will be to finding creative solutions to your uncommon challenges. And the easier it’ll be to stay focused on your big, lofty goals for your business.

Kimberly Crossland speaking at the RV Entrepreneur Roundtable

2. Segmentation first. Automation second.

You’ve probably heard the age-old entrepreneurship advice of knowing your audience. And you might have already gone through the exercise of drafting out who you’re targeting, their demographics, and maybe even some psychographics.

That’s all good advice and important to do. But, here’s the thing about dividing your audience into various segments: You’re not identifying your best buyers or amplifiers (the ones who are most likely to share about your business) based on age or income levels alone. You’re dividing them up based on how far along in their journey they are and then selling to them from there.

Let me say that again. This isn’t about who they are. It’s about where they are in their path towards the transformation you promise to deliver with your product or service.

This is an important differentiator. As soon as you infuse audience identifiers within your marketing strategies, you open a whole new world to reaching your audience where they’re at with your content. The right message delivered at the right time is the secret sauce for business growth, and automating those messages based on your various customer segment’s behaviors will let you continuously show up for your people, even if you’re off-grid, in the backwoods, or unable to upload that reel you’ve been working on for days.

Focus on segmenting your audience based on where they’re at in their journey and then building up funnels that will continue to give them what they need without overloading them with irrelevant information. The better you do that, the better you can fine-tune your messaging and tug on the right heartstrings so that they’re more inclined to purchase from you without you having to be on Zoom calls or sales calls.

3. Abandon the idea that you have to do this alone

Two of the loneliest journeys are entrepreneurship and RVing. Being an entrepreneur requires you to wear all the hats and make all the decisions in a silo. Alone. In your RV. That RV? It’s usually parked at a healthy distance from others. And even if you are close by, your neighbor at the campground will rarely be up for a campfire chat about business growth to wrestle with the many sticky points you’re facing.

Loneliness in entrepreneurship isn’t talked about enough if you ask me. Neither is the loneliness of camping. But loneliness is stifling in business, and it will cause you to swirl around in your head without actually taking action.

The need for community isn’t talked about enough. The ability to connect with, bounce ideas off of, brainstorm out loud with people who get it, or even just sit quietly on a Zoom call to co-work on something specific for an hour can be life-changing for your business and for yourself. Find a group of people you can trust, mastermind with, and learn from, and you’ll see transformational results for your business.

Your next step: Find your people and focus you learning

I run the Roadpreneur Community, which brings RVers and entrepreneurs into one space.

Connection. Collaboration. Continued content templates. Copywriting feedback. Live coaching. It’s all available inside to help you get out of your head, stay out of your comfort zone (but not too far out), and get the healthy connections that’ll fuel your journey with enthusiasm rather than fear.

Join now here. Cancel anytime if it’s not right for you. It’s time to simplify your life on the road while growing a business that supports your RV lifestyle.

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