5 Different Options for Affording the RV of Your Dreams

5 Different Options for Affording the RV of Your Dreams

Traversing the world in an RV while visiting cool places is a common, often challenging to achieve dream mainly because of the involved costs and the level of planning that goes into it.

If you’re ready for RV living but are on a tight budget and need some starting-out guidance, having the correct information at your fingertips can help make the process easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

This article will explore different options for affording your dream RV.

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1. Rent before buying

Renting a motorhome is a good option for those looking to try out an RV before buying.

A rental allows you to test-drive the vehicle and see if it’s suitable for your lifestyle, then decide whether or not it’s worth purchasing. You’ll be able to ensure that everything works correctly and that all the features work as advertised.

Most importantly, you won’t have any financial commitments attached until you make your final payment at the end of your rental period (which can be anywhere from three days to several months).


2. Consider buying used

Buying a used RV might be the best choice if you’re not ready to spend the money to buy a new one.

Buying used is often cheaper than buying new, and it can also save time and worry if you need more expertise or resources to purchase from a dealer.

However, before jumping into this option, make sure:

  • An independent mechanic you trust has inspected any RV that catches your fancy; this could save thousands of dollars in repairs down the road.
  • That there are no major mechanical issues with any RV that interests you—you don’t want any surprises!

Make sure whoever you buy from (private seller) discloses their history with the RV to avoid getting into a deal that costs you a lot more in repairs and sullies your RV experience.


3. Purchase an RV on a lease-to-own plan

Consider a lease-to-own plan if you intend to buy an RV and need more cash.

Rent-to-own RVs are available in different sizes and shapes, but they all mean you take out an initial loan to cover the purchase price of your RV and then make monthly payments until you pay it off.

The monthly payments can be as low as $200 per month (sometimes even less), but the option will require upfront planning if you want to avoid paying interest and fees throughout your contract period.

The best thing about these programs is that they allow people with bad credit or no credit to finance their dream RVs without having to pay high-interest rates or take out huge loans upfront. It also allows you to try out this RV minimalist lifestyle to see whether it works for you.


4. Consider a camper van instead of a giant motorhome

Source: Unsplash

Camper vans are smaller than motorhomes but large enough to accommodate your gear. They’re less expensive than larger RVs but have features that can make your life easier on the road (and save money in the long run). Camper vans are also more fuel efficient and easier to drive.

If you’re considering an affordable way to travel around America with a comfortable ride and plenty of storage space—but aren’t quite ready for an RV yet—a camper van might be just what you need.


5. Taking out an unsecured personal loan

An unsecured loan is one of the best ways to afford your dream RV, but be careful when applying for one; you don’t want a loan you cannot comfortably afford. Therefore, before applying for one, ensure it meets all your needs while still being affordable (and then some!).

The best way to ensure you get an affordable unsecured loan is by comparing different lenders’ offerings; if one lender offers a lower interest rate, it might be worth switching over instead.

For example, you can compare SoFi unsecured personal loans, which have some of the most favorable interest rates, to other options in the market to determine which option will help fund your dream RV without compromising your financial well-being.


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