7 Space-Saving RV Organization Ideas & Tips

7 Space-Saving RV Organization Ideas & Tips

A well-organized RV is a roomier RV! Here are some easy RV organization ideas that make the most of a small space…

Whether you have a Class A or a campervan, storage space is always limited. That’s because the amount of things you have tends to increase relative to the size of your RV.

So the following RV organization ideas are for anyone and everyone trying to make the most of limited space.

This is an all-encompassing article that gives RV organization advice as a whole, but I have written other articles on area-specific organization, like RV kitchen storage ideas. I’ll link to those articles throughout this post to give you a full range of the best RV organization ideas.

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7 RV Organization Tips, Ideas & Products

7 Space-Saving RV Organization Ideas & Tips 1
Back in 2016…

Jennifer and I have been living the RV lifestyle for over a decade. We just recently bought a 5th wheel, which feels like a palace in comparison to all the Class B and C motorhomes we’ve enjoyed through time. We also have a new Class C Leisure Travel Van.

So, we know what it’s like to make the most of a tiny space as well as organize a big 5th wheel RV. We use the following RV storage ideas and tips for both. You can too, regardless of the size of your RV.

I’m going to start off with two general tips and then move into some specific ideas.

1. Use Vertical Space as Much as Possible

When surveying your RV for added storage space, think vertical! An empty wall is an obvious option but don’t forget about doors, including shower, bathroom, closet, and cabinet doors.

Something as simple as hanging pot holders on the inside (or even outside) of a cabinet door can free up a lot of drawer or shelf space. Further below, I’ll get into some great products to help you take advantage of vertical space. But I have one more general tip for you…

2. A Place for EVERYTHING

Every item in your RV needs a designated place to “live.” This is especially true for small items that seem to congregate and multiply, soon filling entire “junk drawers.”

To get organized and STAY organized, you must keep everything in its place, and the only way to do that is to give it a place.

This is so important! Doing this will greatly improve your RVing experience because you won’t feel confined by clutter. It’s so important, in fact, that it’s listed in our article on How to Keep the Romance Alive While RVing (7 Helpful Tips).

Alright, now that you know those two key points, let’s move on to actual RV storage hacks and helpful products.

7 Space-Saving RV Organization Ideas & Tips 2
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3. Hooks are Your Friends

Hooks are a great way to take advantage of vertical space and to give everything a place. It’s a good idea to buy an assortment of hooks because, trust me, you’ll find a use for them.

Here are some good products that are popular among RVers:

The assorted cord clips are one of the 10 Easy RV Hacks You Can Do This Weekend.

10 Easy RV Hacks You Can Do This Weekend

4. A Hanging Shoe Organizer is for More Than Shoes

Many RVers have at least one door shoe organizer. Yes, they’re great for shoes, but they are also an easy way to store so much stuff! You can hang one on the back of any door to store personal items, dog leashes, electronics, and much more.

One great place to use them is in your RV shower. Yep, your shower. It’s an affordable way to organize all of your bathroom products. It’s one of the items included in our 7 Best RV Shower Caddy Solutions (According to RVers).

5. Divide & Conquer

Dividing drawers and shelves into organized compartments helps keep everything from cramming and meshing together over time. There are several products that help do this…

These adjustable drawer dividers are one of many options you can find to compartmentalize your drawers. 

As for RV closets, you want to make the most of vertical and shelf space, too. These shelf dividers serve the same purpose as the drawer dividers. I think they’re better than putting baskets up on a shelf because you can easily reach and grab what you need from the section.

However, baskets or foldable storage bins can work well, too.

For compartmentalizing vertical space, you can use a hanging shelf organizer or easily turn your one bar into two with this adjustable hanging rod.

They help keep everything from being crammed all together in one space.

Pro Tip: Speaking of dividing things, small tension rods really come in handy when you’re trying to Secure Small Items While RVing.

How to Secure Small Items While RVing (9 Tips)

6. Great RV Kitchen Organization Products

The kitchen, of course, is one of the hardest to organize. I have an article on a Complete Sink Setup For Your RV Kitchen that will help you get your kitchen sink area organized. It includes some great products, like a 2-tier expandable shelf.

Some other space-saving kitchen products are:

7. Bedding Storage Ideas

Bedding presents a problem in RVs. It’s often too bulky for most RV storage spaces. To help with this, I’m just going to direct you over to 7 Practical Bedding Storage Ideas for Your RV.

BONUS: RV Basement Storage Ideas

I hope these RV organization ideas, tips, and products have helped! Please share your favorite organization hacks in the comments below!

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