Asasytal RV Door Window Shade, Foldable Velcro Sun Shade Blackout Cover, Camper Travel Trailer Motorhome Boat UV Protection Cover Accessories, 25 * 16 Inches

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Product Description

Asasytal RV Door Window Shade Cover

RV Door Window ShadeRV Door Window Shade

RV Window ShadeRV Window Shade

Why Choose Us?

It is well known to the harm of ultraviolet rays to human beings. It will accelerate the aging of the skin, and in severe cases, it will induce diseases such as skin cancer. In addition, the damage to the eyes is also serious.

Asasytal has taken this into consideration, and for this reason, we have launched the dribble of the RV door window shade.

The RV window shade is made of three -layer thickened Oxford cloth seams, which effectively blocks the strong sunlight and ultraviolet damage, so that you no longer disturb the sweet dreams because of the first rays of sunlight in the early morning, and no longer destroy your mood due to the dazzling sunlight. It is undoubtedly one of the good things for travel.

In addition, RV blackout window cover can also protect privacy well. With it, you can do anything you want to do on the RV, without worrying about others peeping.

When you want to see the beautiful scenery outside the window, you can also fold up the RV door window shade cover according to your needs, and there are strong velcro on both sides for fixing, and it will not fall easily.

RV sun shade windshield blackout cover has extensive applicability, not only suitable for RVs, but also on speedboats, campers, & travel trailers, houses and other places.

RV Window  ShadeRV Window  Shade

RV Blackout Window CoverRV Blackout Window Cover

Suitable for Most Door Window of RVs, Campers, Trailers,Etc

Asasytal RV Door Window Shade Cover Installation Steps

RV Door Window Blackout CoverRV Door Window Blackout Cover

RV Window CoverRV Window Cover

RV Sun Shade Windshield Blackout CoverRV Sun Shade Windshield Blackout Cover

Step 1

1.Clean the area around the window

Step 2

2.Tear off the velcro and stick it on the proper position beside the window

Step 3

3.Paste the RV window shade to the fixed velcro

RV Door Window Blackout Cover Details

RV Door Window UV Protection CoverRV Door Window UV Protection Cover

RV Blackout Ventilation CoverRV Blackout Ventilation Cover

RV Window ShadeRV Window Shade

Exquisite Workmanship

Selected 3 layers of thickened Oxford fabric, exquisite workmanship, fine and smooth stitches.

Strong Velcro

High-quality Velcro with strong stickiness and no plucking and not easy to fall off.

Waterproof Oxford Fabric

The thick and waterproof Oxford fabric allows you not only to shade on sunny days, but also no fear of water on rainy days.

【Block Sunlight & UV】–RV door window blackout shade can effectively block the dazzling sunlight and ultraviolet rays that damage the skin, so as to achieve an instant cooling effect, and provide you with a comfortable sleeping environment. While protecting privacy during the journey, it can also prevent the aging of the RV interior.
【High -quality Oxford Fabric】–Selected 3 layers of thickened Oxford fabric, exquisite workmanship, fine and smooth stitches. Different from the shade cover that cannot be folded or can only be folded once on the market, we can fold multiple times according to the height of our own needs. Fixed by the strong velcro, it is not easy to drop. It can avoid the trouble of sunlight ultraviolet rays, but also enjoy the beauty of the road.
【Non-destructive Installation】–No tools, no drilling. You only need to clean the area around the window, then tear off the velcro and stick it on the proper position beside the window, and paste the RV window shade to the fixed velcro. The whole process is less than 5 minutes, which is extremely convenient.
【Wide Application】–The applicability of camper window shade is extremely wide. Not only can it be used in RVs, bosts, camper, travel trailer, motorhome, but also can be used in any small windows that need to block the sun, wind, rain, snow and to protect privacy.
List Price: $18.99

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