Best Easy 2022 Ford Bronco Modifications

Best Easy 2022 Ford Bronco Modifications

Originally, I ordered a 2021 Ford Bronco WildTrak, but I got pushed into 2022. The wait was 25 months from deposit to delivery. The delays allowed me to rethink my choice, and I changed to a Badlands trim level. This allowed me to focus on my options for Ford Bronco modifications to the factory model.

If you are looking to customize your new 2021+ Ford, maybe some of my ideas will inspire you. Here are the best modifications for the newest generation of Ford’s full-size SUV. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best mods I have found for my brand-new Bronco!

Stock 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands

I wanted to capture before and after for my Badlands with the Sasquatch package. So I decided to save the renderings from the Ford production system for comparison. I also saved the window sticker image to show the factory specicifations, before I started to make modifications.

Exterior Ford Bronco Customizations

I suspect most Gen6 owners are like me and couldn’t wait to start customizing their new Bronco. I did get a Bronco with quite a few options, from the driver assist system to the upgraded infotainment system. I have benefited from reading forums and reading rumors and other stories at Ford Authority for close to two years. So when I finally drove my vehicle home, I already had a garage full of accessories.

Replacing Manufacturer Logos

I debated whether to go towards a retro look to mimic the first-generation look, or to go for a more modern cool factor. So I kept everything grayscale and will keep things looking black and simple rather than mimic the look of the first-generation Broncos.

first generations bronco
Ford Bronco ranger wagon, was manufactured in 1972-1976.

Monochromatic Badges

As the guy who runs the local custom shop says to me, you like your Raptor murdered. The same goes for my Bronco. I like the monochromatic look mostly black and grey. So the Badlands badges that come from Ford look a little too bright. I replaced them with these custom ones I found on Etsy.

Badlands Bronco Sasquatch Badge
Custom Sasquatch Badge in Grey

Black Tailgate Bronco Badge

I like keeping things low-key, and as much as possible. I replaced the silver bronco on the tailgate with a black emblem (affiliate link).

black bronco logo scaled
Blackout Logo Modficiation to replace the OEM Chrome logo

Letter Modifications

I was torn about this, because I like the nostalgia of the Bronco lettering across the front. But, I I prefer the”murdered look” for this Bronco. I covered the white letters with Bronco Letter Covers from Cartoo (affiliate link) on the front grille.

Blacked Out Ford Logo

While I love the Ford “blue oval” on my car, I wanted to keep with the monochromatic look. I got a Ford overlay sticker from a vendor on Etsy. Though I didn’t like the way the sticker looked it seemed a bit off. I have since found they do make Ford blackout logos.

D-Ring Shackles for Ford OEM Modular Bumper and Hitch

I added D-Ring shackles from GearAmerica. These shackles have anti-theft screws, so they are hard to steal. Also, I added shackle isolators to prevent rattles. Overall, I’d probably rather have a higher grade of shackle, but I am not a frequent off-roader and if I do go off-road, it’s usually in sand, not mud, which provides a lot more resistance.

Mud Flaps

Due to the tire size and aggressive treads from the 35″ tires onthe Sasquatch package will send stone flying. So I looked at many options for mudflaps and felt like they were atrocious in either looks or durability. To keep rocks from getting thrown into my doors, I chose the RockBlokz Quick Release Mud Flaps. They were very expensive but they look sharp and seem to block the rocks extremely well (no chips so far)!


I have Baja Designs lights on my Ford F150 Raptor, so I looked at them for the Bronco. I ended up getting the same kit as I got in the Raptor. The Ford Squadron Sport/S2 Sport Fog Pocket Light Kit fits the Ford modular bumper, which fills in the bumper nicely, while offering a good amount of light that will meet most folks’ needs.

Bull Bar

I spend a lot of time in the mountains and I suspect someday I may run into a deer by accident. I thought the mini-bullbar might save my grill. Obviously, a bigger bar would provide more protection but I wanted to keep the bar low-profile. I added the IAG I-Line Mini Bull Bar with Integrated Light Mount (affiliate link).

Modular Bumper Modficiations
Mini Bull Bar on Bronco Modular Bumper

Running Boards

While my Badlands isn’t lifted all that high, it’s still plenty high for many people. Woodford, the dog needs help on the step-down. I pulled the trigger on the Archetype Racing Magnum Stirrup, they are just as good-looking as they are functional. They are being shipped as I write this and will update this post when they arrive.

bronco running boards

Hood Deflector

Many Bronco owners reported problems with rocks kicking up and cracking their windshield. A hood deflector helps protect the windshield and hood from damage. It doesn’t look bad either. I used the one from IAG performance (affiliate link)

Stubby Antenna

I am surprised that Ford (and Jeep for that matter) still include the buggy whip long skinny antenna. Normally I listen to Spotify or Sirius XM, so I don’t need a huge amount of signal gain for AM/FM. This stubby antenna from MaxRacing on Amazon (affiliate link) was highly rated. Frankly, I wish they didn’t have the white logo on it, but I am sure I can cover that up if I so desired.

Stubby Antenna for Ford Bronco
The Stubby Antenna replaces Ford’s original equipment “buggy whip” antenna

Spare Tire Cover

I am not sure if I will keep the spare tire cover on, but I hate to clean the North Carolina pine needles out of the wheel, so I got a tire cover in monochromatic black. I ordered a spare tire cover from

Interior Ford Bronco Modifications

The interior of the Gen6 has been popular for its unique and stylish look. One option I skipped was the leather seats. I don’t expect to spend much time with the top off, but I don’t want to worry about them if I get caught in the rain. So I went with the marine vinyl seats that are tou gh and can hold up to hard usage. I like that the interior of the Badlands doesn’t have carpet, except for the backs of the second-row seats.

Cargo Security Drawer

I received 262,000 FordPass Rewards points for buying the Bronco. I used these to buy a Bronco branded Ford Bronco Cargo Security Drawer to better utilize the space.

Ford Bronco Cargo Security Drawer
Ford Cargo Security Drawer with Ford Cargo Mat Attached

Sunglasses Holders

I am sensitive to sunlight, so I always need to wear sunglasses even on the gloomiest days. I had used clips for the visor in the past but it seemed like my glasses would frequently fall. These IAG I-Line TPE Sunglass Holders seemed like a good solution, given they are bins rather than clips. Also, because of the relatively narrow windshield, I wanted to minimize things handed in my field of view. I thought they were expensive for what they are, but I think they are the best thing to hold my Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses (affiliate link). Unfortunately, to slide them in, they lack much room without deforming the trays. Of course, with the top off, they are perfect, though they may serve as little rain barrels if the skies open up.

bronco sunglasses holder

My final solution was to get these much less expensive magnetic sunglasses clips (affiliate link) from Amazon. This gives me easier access to my sunglasses or reading glasses without blocking the driver’s field of view.

Door Sill Protector

I like to keep my cars for a long time, so I do everything I can to keep my cars as pristine as possible even the ones I go offroad in. I tried to add the Bushwacker Rocker Panel And Sill Plate Guards Trail Armor but they didn’t fit around my factory rock rails.

bronco bushwhacker rockers
Bushwacker Rocker Panel And Sill Plate Guards Trail Armor

However, these doorsill proctors from Amazon (affiliate link) protected the door sills and were much cheaper than the Bushwacker brand, but they don’t protect the pinch welded frame from salt water, which was my original use case.

Glove Box Organizer

My significant other likes to stuff things into the glove box. So I picked up the SNA Glove Box Organizer (affliate link). Make it easier to find items by keeping them separated. The box appears to store more items after installation. There is ample space for books, manuals, and insurance documents.

Gen 6 Bronco Glove Box Organizer
Organize your Glove Box with this Inexpensive Organizer

Aluminum Knob Covers

I feel like the knobs on my vehicles get worn easily, and I didn’t want to find out how the Bronco knobs wear. I also felt that my black interior it was important to keep them nice or they’d look cheap with the lighter colored plastic coming through. .

Console Replacement Badge

I like the items from AR Racing and their custom Badlands console badges, which can be customized with your vehicle’s VIN or the coordinates of Badlands National Park.

Console Knobs and Badlands Badge
AR Racing Console Badge, Custom Knobs, Trim Covers, and IAG Foot Pedals

Second Row Seatback Covers

The only place in my Badlands with carpet is the back of the second-row seats. I covered the Mabett Rear Seat Back Cover Backrest Protector (affiliate link) to protect them.

HardTop Quick Removal Thumbscrews

I don’t expect to remove the top often but will probably do so more often if it’s more convenient. I ordered the Rockworx Billet Aluminum & Stainless Steel Ford Bronco Hard Top Mounting Screws (affiliate link). They are engineered to directly replace or upgrade hard top screws. I also got two other thumb screws for the middle section of the roof over the back doors.

bronco rockworx thumbscrew scaled
Rockworx Thumbscrew Hard Top Fasteners

Grab Handles

Since I have the Sasquatch package on my Badlands, it sits a bit higher than most cars. That’s why I wanted the grab handles to help with the step-up and step-down. So I added Cartaoo Roll Bar Grab Handles Premium Paracord Grips (affiliate link).

bronco grab handles scaled
Paracord “Oh-Shit” Handles in Badlands Orange

Dash Accessory Rail

I have an accessory mount for my phone and iPad with off-road maps for my Ford Raptor, and it’s huge. I even rewired my USB port to the dash so I wouldn’t have the cord dangling. The pre-release photos from Ford indicated there might be a dash accessory rail, but at the end there was just a threaded spot to add a single post.

AR | BAM is a Bring Your Own Device Rail for mounting devices & accessories using Picatinny or simple clamp-on mounts. The full length accessory rail from Archetype Racing, is called the AR | BAM BYODR. Unfortunately, the powder coating came off the rail when I mounted accessories, and I am waiting for a replacement.

dashmount iphone ford bronco byod
AR Racing BYODR (Bring your Own Device rail) for iPhones, Ipads, Cameras, and more

I also found an alternative similar to the Archetype Racing rail from Buck your Bronco. They have a similar design and many accessories that look cool. I will be trying some of their rail accessories with my BAM.

buck you bronco rail
The Buck Your Bronco Accessorie Rail allows you to add phones, cameras, and other devices to your Bronco dash

Center Console Cover

Woodford likes to move from the front seat to the back seat and to keep the center console from getting scratched up. I decided to cover it with the Mabett Center Console Cover (affiliate link).

Central Control Side Hanging Molle Panel Grid Plate

Ford Bronco MOLLE Panel for Passenger Seat
Molle Panel for Passenger Side of Bronco Center Console

Steel Seatback Molle Organizers

I know the Badlands has Molle Panels on the back of the seat, but I like the Rigid Steel Molle Panels from Build Right and have them installed in my Raptor. So when they came out for the Bronco, it was a no-brainer, though when my Badlands already had plastic Molle panels on the back. Unfortunately, they aren’t compatible. My main concern was having a panel that allowed for magnetic accessories. I ended up getting one made at a local fabrication shop and then mounting it using slightly longer button head screws already holding on my seat back.

bronco seat molle
Built Right Rigid Seat Molle Panels

Center Console Vault

Whether you want to safely store valuables or possibly a legally concealed weapon, you can do that with the Ford Center Console safe. The install was quick and easy, and I also lit up the area with the F150 LED light kit for the Bronco.

ford bronco console safe scaled
Ford Center Console Vault

Tailgate Folding Table for Rear Swing Gate

One of the best changes to the Gen6 version of Ford’s iconic SUV is changing from the tilt-down tailgate to the swing gate. This gives you easier access to the cargo area and the option to add storage to the vertical gate since you won’t need to drag your gear over the back. I used Mabett Rear Door Tailgate Foldable Table for Ford Bronco Accessories 2021 2022 2/4-Door Steel Black Rear Door Foldable Shelf Storage Cargo Holder. This allows you to hang your gear on your gate, but also gives you a nice work area. It was also very easy to install with basic hand tools.

Interior Trim Covers

I keep my vehicles for a long time, and I want to take the them off-road and out in nature, but I also want to make sure I keep it clean and free of unnecessary damage. The Muslogy Interior Modification Covers (affiliate link) covers the console, the steering wheel, and many other interior parts.

Cargo Area Lighting Hack

My biggest complaint about the vehicle’s design is that the interior lighting is abysmal. I have been using the Warsun Lights as work lights. They have a hook to hang on the underside of my hood when working on the engine compartment. They also have a magnet, and I attach them to the Bronco’s steel roll bar.

Additional Offroading and Performance Mods

Most of the aftermarket mods I made are to improve the style and provide more efficient storage. Also, since I got the bigger 2.7L V6 engine, I don’t know if I need to maximize power. I also have Ford Co-Pilot360, so the driving capabilities and visibility are good. I am not a huge audiophile, so I doubt I will need to upgrade the sound system.

Onboard Air Compressor

I like to go off-road on the North Carolina Beaches. I decided that having a separate air compressor sliding around in the back was not desirable. So I decided to install a compressor under the hood. I chose the ARB Dual Compressor with the twin compressors.

ARB Compressor
ARB Compressor Mounted under the Hood

Miscellaneous Modifications

I am satisfied with the updates I made so far, but if I choose to do other mods in the future I think I would consider any of the following.

Powder coating for Beadlock Capable Wheels

I have read the wheels are easily scuffed, and if that’s the case, I may have the Beadlock rings that might benefit from powder coating. If I don’t do that, I’ll go after some aluminum wheels.


I don’t think I need to spend much of my budget on improving the suspension of the SUV because I don’t expect to go on super rough terrain, but in later years, I may consider more options for rougher off-roading. I may consider a small lift to the already beefy suspension.


I don’t go on rough trails or get into situations where I need an extreme take-off angle, but should that change, I might look at the myriad bumper options


I don’t do that much offroading where a winch would be helpful. On the beaches of North Carolina, there aren’t many anchor points to use a winch, and you are likely to be pulled out by a passerby if you get stuck though I’d likely add that.

Upgraded Skid Plates

The skid plates on the Sasquatch package are beefy, and don’t expect to upgrade anytime soon. As it ages and I change my habits, I may look at more rugged options.

Light Bar

I have a hidden Baja Designs bar behind the grill in my Ford Raptor, and it kicks off a ton of light. Though I rarely use it. Though when I am offroading in the mountains of Northern Pennsylvania it comes in handy.

Roof Rack

I am torn on this, but over the holidays and long trips, I may need more storage. Since that’s in the winter, I may consider adding this option.


I think the factory wheels look pretty good. Though there are plenty of options in the aftermarket that I might like better than those. I am partial to the Black Rhino Armory wheels.

Sound Deadening

The biggest complaint about the Bronco is the interior noise. That’s why I am seriously considering adding Dynamat Sound Deadening to the Badlands.

Unlimited Modification Options For Your Bronco

Since I missed the cut to get a 2021 model year option, I had a lot more time to evaluate the huge variety of mods now on the market. This is why I have such an extensive list of options. Whether you’re just starting with your build or looking for a few more ideas to take it up a notch, this article should help. And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re happy to help.


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