Can This, Run That? What Can This Solar Generator Power! Fulltime RV Living!

Can This, Run That? What Can This Solar Generator Power!  Fulltime RV Living!

We have been looking for power solutions to our travel set-up, and think we finally found a solution that is going to work for us! We recently received the EBL 1000-Watt Multi-Purpose Power Station with two 100-Watt solar panels to test! We put this power station to the test, testing everything from hair dryers to coffee makers, to e-bikes and even our RV!

We initially wanted a power station for using our Iceco 3-In-One cooler on travel and adventure days, without the need for ice and also for charging the computer when we need to be away from the RV to upload videos.

After multiple tests, we have so many other products we will use this power station on! Come along to see if you might find it useful, too!

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📣Videos and Items Mentioned in this Episode:
▶Ninja Coffee Maker
▶Go Pro Battery Chargers
▶Alienware M17- R4 Computer
▶Iceco Cooler
▶Pitboss Pellet Grill
▶Lasco Box Fan
▶SNOO Baby Bed
▶Hisense Dehumidifier
▶Tyme Curling Iron
▶Camco 15A-50A Adapter
▶Camco 15A-30A Adapter

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By: Paving New Paths
Title: Can This, Run That? What Can This Solar Generator Power! Fulltime RV Living!
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