CPAP RV Power Off Grid

CPAP RV Power Off Grid

Camping with a CPAP.
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01:56 Jump Starter
02:17 750 Watt Inverter
02:40 2000 Watt Inverter
03:03 DC Plug – Refurbished CPAP Machine.
A lot of people often ask how to power a CPAP while camping. I’m going to go over the options that I have used in the past as well as some other options. This can be as simple or complicated as you want to make it. It can also get really expensive, real quick. The most obvious answer here is going to be using a power pack, also known as a solar generator. This term gets on my nerves and I hate using it because it’s not a generator. All a solar generator is, is a battery, solar charge controller, and an inverter all in one. I’ve never had one of these, but they do make a lot of sense for people, especially if you want something to be portable that you can use in more places than a camper. Personally, when I’m on a backpacking trip I obviously just don’t use my CPAP, but I do try to use it in the camper. Let’s walk through the power options that I’ve used in the past. I started with a Schumacher Instant Power Jump starter that had a built-in inverter. I will say that while this worked, it would not last two full nights. It would always die at around 1AM on night two. Then I installed a power outlet in my bedroom and attached it to a small 750-watt inverter to my Lion Energy 1300 Lithium batteries. This worked well, but was kind of a pain, as I had to go into the storage to turn the inverter on and off. I had decided then that I wanted to add a pure sine inverter to cover all of the outlets of the camper. So I installed a 2000-watt Renogy inverter, which has worked well. I will say that when we were dry camping though, this seemed to draw the batteries down quite a bit while leaving it on all night. So, I changed my system one last time. I installed an additional 12-volt outlet at the base of my bed and ran a 12-gauge wire to the DC fuse block I have in my basement. I then got a 12-volt power plug for my CPAP. This is the most efficient way to power the CPAP as you do not have any power loss from an AC inverter. Also, I recommend that even if it is an option you don’t use the warmer or humidity with the CPAP in the camper on DC as this only increases the power consumption. One last option would also be to use a battery that is manufactured to be paired with the CPAP, these are pretty expensive, and in my opinion, it would be just as cheap to get a power station that you can do more with in most cases. I actually have 3 CPAPs. I have one at home, one in the camper, and a portable model that I travel with for work. The main thing to remember is that when powering a CPAP off-grid, you do have to replenish the power from somewhere, whether that is a generator, solar panels, or a grid-tied option, like having somewhere you can go and plug your power station into recharge. You just have to remember that with any of these options, you have a finite amount of power that you can use. The 12-volt system works well for us. I also unplug the CPAP when we are off the grid during the day to prevent a parasitic draw. Do you have any questions about using a CPAP off-grid that I didn’t answer? Feel free to leave them in the comments.
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