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We’ve been planning this Alaska RV road trip for over a year and we’re doing it. Enough talk, let’s walk! Well…we’ll drive but you get the picture.

Taking our Class C to Alaska so we can get to some remote areas and drive on roads less traveled. We’ve taken our Big Rig before but this time will be different.

If you’re driving to Alaska then you must drive through Destruction Bay, Yukon an infamous section of road on the Alaska Highway. It’s reputation precedes it as a destroyer of RV’s suspension systems and tires.

The scenery continues to be fantastic but how will we fare through nearly 100 miles of Destruction Bay roads? We have to cross the border to get into Alaska and we’re not sure of the questions they’ll ask but we’re ready to get back into the USA.

Lots of wildlife on this part of the drive up to Alaska. We got some great pics of moose, bears and other wildlife as we drive north.

Camping at our old stomping grounds, Congdon Creek Provincial Park is familiar and beautiful. Splitting wood for a campfire, we take in the beautiful surroundings at the last open Yukon campground before the border.

Crossing the border is pretty simple but the roads don’t get any better until we get to Tok, Alaska. Fuel prices are better in the USA so we’re thankful for that.

One of our favorite places to camp (top 10 all time) is our next overnight in Alaska. But is it open and clear? We don’t know until we arrive…

Always good to have a Plan B and I always have a Plan B. We’ll need it in this case.

Delta Junction is the end of the Alaska Highway, we made it and drove every mile.

Now, What’s next?!?

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RV Camping
We like to Switch it Up between resorts and campgrounds.

Our journey is the destination. We want to share in our experiences in discovery of What’s Next.
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We use the TSD card for diesel fuel and save a bundle each time we fill up our Big Rig. We also use it to fill up our Onan generator.

The big blue boards (XL version) we use sometimes to get us “un-stuck” is

Our Class C is built by Thor Motorcoach on a Ford F550 chassis. It’s a production build Magnitude model XG32. We tow our red Jeep Wrangler Sahara behind it. We’ve made some modifications to it so that we can boondock comfortably. Lithium batteries, Victron 3000w multi-plus inverter, dual alternators charge while traveling and mods to the water system greatly enhance it’s boondocking capabilities.

Our extreme completely custom 5th wheel is built on a semi-trailer chassis with air suspension and air brakes. Completely loaded it weighs 42,000 lbs rolling down the highway. And we do roll down the highway nearly every week. You see, we believe that if your home has wheels they should be used.

2016 Volvo VNL780 “Voyager”
2016 Smart fortwo “Pathfinder”
2019 SpaceCraft Custom built semi-trailer 5th wheel “Orion”
2023 Thor Magnitude XG32 Class C “Curiosity”
2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara “Artemis”

Power system:
3250 watts of solar with Panasonic panels
30.1 KWH of Lithium batteries
2- 4K watt Magnum Inverters deliver power as if we are on shore power
2- 4K watt 240v Cotek Inverters deliver additional power for our LG Mini split HVAC and stove

Coachnet is our roadside assistance company we use but hopefully we don’t use them too often. LOL

We are not sponsored by Whataburger but I do enjoy them anytime I can get my hands on one. They used to be just out of Texas but they have expanded.

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Title: DESTRUCTION BAY! / Survive the Bay /Alaska Highway 2023 / RV Lifestyle / ALCAN / RV Road Trip
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