Do all RVs have them?

Do all RVs have them?

When we think about RVing or camping, being outdoors is usually the first thing that comes to mind. I like to try and become with nature, hit the trails, and explore a little at campgrounds. As we know, RVs for the most part have limited space inside, so who wants to spend time indoors? Even when it comes to cooking meals, why try and prepare a meal on those small burners with no counter space? Thankfully, there is an option to get an outdoor kitchen for your camper on many of the units.

What is an outdoor kitchen for a camper?

The most common outdoor kitchen for an RV is hidden behind a flip-up door on the side of your unit. Behind it, you could find amenities such as a small sink, microwave, cooktop, mini fridge, and some storage drawers. Most manufacturers have their own designs and different options depending on the unit. Remember this is protruding into your RV, so the larger it is the more interior space it is using up.

Other smaller campers may have an outdoor kitchen that slides out or even attaches to the hitch on your tow vehicle. There is a wide variety on the market these days and depending on your budget, they can provide you with all the comforts of home.

Do all RVs and campers have outdoor kitchens?

No, even though they have become quite popular as of late, not all models of RVs have outdoor kitchens as options. The good news is, you can easily build your own portable outdoor kitchen if the model you love doesn’t have one available.

What are the benefits of an outside kitchen on my RV?

Space: Real Estate inside an RV is a precious commodity and the cramped kitchen space comes second only to the bathroom. When provided with an outdoor kitchen for your camper, space becomes unlimited. You can make use of the picnic table surface to prep and prepare meals. This also gives you the opportunity to visit with everyone instead of being isolated inside the RV during the whole cooking process.

Smells: If you have ever cooked up the fresh catch of the day inside your RV, you know how long that odor lingers. Smoke, grease, and food odors build up over time and who wants to smell that when laying in bed trying to get a good night’s sleep?

Cleanup/Convenience: Most likely everyone is sitting around outside in their chairs relaxing around the camp during meals. Why not have everything you need right at hand instead of going in and out of the RV for things? Every time we open the door there are unwanted guests flying in with us.

Plus cooking in a small space can just be plain messy. With an outdoor kitchen, it is much easier to keep things clean while cooking, and cleanup is a breeze.

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Outdoor kitchen for camper options

Most RVs have models with an outdoor kitchen option, but what do you do when you have a small pop-up or use a tent? Well, the good news is that you have many products to choose from to set up your own little outdoor kitchen no matter what your camping style is.

This portable camp kitchen table folds out to provide you with plenty of workspaces and storage.

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If you are pulling a camper behind a truck or SUV, this Overland extendable kitchen might be just what you need.

  • All in one: Instant pull-out design, people can have space for washing, chopping, and cooking all at the same platform.
  • Can set up in any terrain: Unlike the conventional camp kitchen, which requires a flat and dry ground to set up. The overland kitchen is mounted on the vehicle and clear of the ground. You can set up the overland kitchen regardless of the ground type, such as grass, mud, hill, sand, rock, or pavement.
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Camportable offers a really nice hitch-mounted slide-out kitchen with all the little things you need.

Depending on your DIY skills, there is always the option to build your own setup. You could use the below Camp burner/sink combo insert to get your project started the right way. This way you can add what you want and where you want it.

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As you can see, your options are endless when it comes to outdoor kitchens for a camper. Remember all is not lost if the RV you fall in love with does not have an outdoor kitchen.

I have seen many different types built into RVs over the years at RV shows. We will definitely be looking for one in our next class C RV. I like my elbow room and this option gives you an endless amount of space to move.

An outdoor kitchen also keeps you involved in the fun. Who wants to be sequestered in a cramped indoor kitchen?


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