EARLFAMILY 5.1” for Gawr Funny Hand Graphics Sticker Trunk Windows Car Accessories Decal RV JDM VAN Window Laptop Decoration

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The cute and cute Weimaraner sticker, which is torn from the metal shell, as if the shell was broken from the car and protruded out. It is very interesting. The very personalized sticker decorates your vehicle and is suitable for various smooth on flat surface. EARLFAMILY high-quality stickers are ideal for decorating laptops, smartphone cases, water bottles, notebooks, skateboards, scooters, bicycles, kayaks, longboards, and even car bumpers. And the sticker has Long lasting 5+ year life expectancy for outdoor & 7 + indoor durability.
If you have more needs, you can contact me,Support wholesale / Support custom stickers

Styles-We have a variety of EARLFAMILY stickers. You can put these stickers on your items to add personality. Interesting stickers can also bring you the happiness you need in life, abandon unnecessary troubles, if necessary You can also contact me to customize the style stickers you need
High quality-All EARLFAMILY vinyl stickers have a high-quality anti-UV coating to protect them from sunlight and bad weather; our very waterproof stickers no matter how many rainy weather they experience or look in the pool Like brand new
Vinyl Decals come in 3 pieces-1. Top layer is a transparent transfer tape. (Holds your decal or sticker together until it is applied)2. Middle layer is your actual decal or sticker (It is sandwiched between the Application Tape and the Wax Backing)3. Bottom layer is the wax backing. (protects the adhesive until the decal is ready to be applied)
Application Tips-1. Do not apply on extreme cold or hot Surfaces. Ideal temperature must be between 60°F & 90°F.2.Do not touch the adhesive backing, oils from your skin will prevent sticking. 3.Before applying decal make sure there is no wax or oily products on the surface
List Price: $7.99

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