GEHPYYDS Portable Hand Crank Generator 150W 110V/220V Solar Power Supply,Emergency Power Supply Charger USB Output for Camping Outdoor Computer Charging

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Name: Solar hand generator
Generator power: 5-15W USB 5V
Output current: AC 110V/220V
Power: 150W DC 12V
Weight: 2.5kg
Lithium battery capacity: 5000mAh
Charging method: hand generator or charger

☀ Features:
①Carry emergency lights with you.
②USB5V output function, directly charge mobile phones, tablets and game consoles.
③DC12V output, direct charging intercom with router power failure can also access the Internet.
④150W high-performance AC 110V/220V output function, it can work even if the power is turned off;
⑤5000mAh large-capacity lithium battery (10400mAh) has strong load capacity and stable output.
⑥The lithium battery has a protection circuit, supports external charging, and charges when empty.
⑦The 20W all-steel DC generator has a long service life and is easy to use. The file folder’s handle is durable and easy to use.

① Do not use household appliances above 150W
② It is forbidden to short-circuit the “charging port” and “12VOUT” interface, please use the original charger to charge
③The battery pack has protective equipment. Please do not disassemble for safety.
④ Do not throw this product into water or fire, please pay special attention
☀【SOLAR POWER SUPPLY】: It can be charged under strong light, and will generate electricity due to different light intensity. LED emergency lighting solves the urgent need at critical moments.
☀【HIGH POWER】: 150W high power USB charging generator with strong power generation capacity. Solid structure, low noise, stable working performance. It can also work off. AC 110V/220V output, 12V direct output, directly charge all USB devices.
☀【LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY】5200mAh large capacity lithium battery (10400mAh), strong charging capacity and stable performance. The battery has its own protection circuit and supports external charging.
☀【WIDE APPLICATIONS】The hand generator can be used in field operations, field inspections, rescue operations, natural disasters, survival training, emergency communications, long-term power outages, travel, emergency power supply, etc.
List Price: $210.99

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