GONEO Portable Power Station, 607Wh Backup Lithium Battery with 110V/600W AC Outlet, Fanless Design, 5dB Low Noise, 6.5 inch LED Panel Solar Generator for CPAP, Fishing, RV, Camping, Power Outage

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Robust Aluminum Housing: GONEO solar generator is made of aluminum material, which offers a higher level of damage tolerance than those in plastic
Compact Portable Size: Designed with the ternary lithium-ion battery, GONEO solar station is 25% smaller than other brands’. You can carry it easily during your trip with a unique faux leather strap that can lie flat
Detailed LED Display: 5.5 inches super large LED display helps you view much helpful information like percentage charged, input power, output power, and remaining battery, etc.
Work Well at Low Temperature: Built-in preheating system, automatic detection of low temperature and start the heating state, it can also stay fully charged at -4℉/-20℃
Larger LED Flashlight Panel: 10 times brighter than other brands’. With four lighting modes: normal, bright, SOS, and flashing mode. It is an essential portable generator for night camping and power outage emergency
3 Recharge Modes: This solar generator can be fully recharged through a DC port, a 100W solar panel, and a PD 100W USB-C port. It takes only 2 hours to fully recharge the battery through the USB-C port and DC port simultaneously, it is an uninterruptible power supply
Noise-Free Experience: The fanless design eliminates noise from the source. It can provide a 5dB quiet charging environment while camping, on road trips, and sleeping, giving you a silent world to relax yourself
List Price: $599.00

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