Gympify Fabric Long Resistance Bands Set with Handles, Door Ankle, Workout Equipment for Home Workouts, Gym, Strength Training, Physical Therapy with Full-Body Exercise Guide for Men and Women.

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Product Description


For a Happier and Fitter You

Today’s gym memberships are inconvenient and financially out of reach for many fitness enthusiasts. But what if there was an easy, safe alternative to fitness training that you could do from home? Whether you are a fitness newbie, an experienced weightlifter, or recovering from injury, resistance bands are a practical and inexpensive solution to all your fitness needs.

But why should you use them?

Resistance bands offer a convenient way of stretching and strengthening your muscles while improving your appearance and athletic performance. If you are looking for an inexpensive, safe alternative to getting fit, the Gympify resistance bands provide all the benefits of a gym workout, plus a dedicated social community of fitness lovers. Gympify resistance bands aren’t your average bands. You know the type? Easy-snap rubber bands that stick together and pull on your skin? The Gympify resistance bands use strong reinforced fabric with light, medium, and heavy options. The cushioned handles provide a sturdy grip and allow for exercise variety.

Explore The Benefits

Unlimited ExerciseUnlimited Exercise



Unlimited Exercise Options

Unlike weight-training, you can perform exercises in vertical and horizontal planes with resistance bands.

Less Injuries

Less force on your joints means less chance of injury.

Muscle Stimulation

Unlike Weight-Training, muscles receive resistance throughout their entire range of motion.


Take them anywhereTake them anywhere


Improve Athletic Performance

Research shows that resistance bands improve athletic performance more than weights alone

Take Them Anywhere

Easy to carry around, its compactability and light-weight allow you to exercise anywhere at anytime.


Resistance bands can assist you with stretching and deepen flexibility reach.

Why Choose Gympify Resistance Bands

Non-Slip FabricNon-Slip Fabric

High-quality MaterialsHigh-quality Materials


Comfortable on your skinComfortable on your skin

Non-Slip Fabric

High-Quality Materials


Comfortable On You Sky

Tensile Strenght
15-25 lbs 25-40 lbs 40-55 lbs 15-25 lbs 25-40 lbs 40-55 lbs

36.7 In 37.5 In 38.7 In 36.7 In 37.5 In 38.7 In

1.18 In 1.18 In 1.18 In 1.18 In 1.18 In 1.18 In

2.0 Onz 3.9 Onz 6.7 Onz 2.0 Onz 3.9 Onz 6.7 Onz

Do More With The Included Accesories


Door AnchorDoor Anchor

Carrying BagCarrying Bag

Exercise GuideExercise Guide



Handles allow you to have a more comfortable and better grip on the band; they also help you stack up the three bands preventing them from sliding compared to grabbing the bands just by using your hands.

Door Anchor


Door Anchor increases the number of exercises you can make, just thread the resistance bands through the loop and then wedge the anchor into the door frame by closing the door.

Carrying Bag


You can store all the bands and its accessories within the bag. Never loose or forget a band or an accesory when you take them out.

Exercise Guide


Explore the basics and start practicing some of the exercises that get you closer to achieve your dream body.


Standard weight training can be hard on your body. Yet, Gympify resistance bands offer a safe, convenient, and inexpensive alternative to the gym. We’re excited to provide a challenging new workout for anyone hoping to improve their health and overall fitness.

Elasticized Fabric
☑️ (Take Them Anywhere) Gympify resistance bands are easy to carry around, its compactability and light-weight allow you to exercise anywhere at anytime. you can take them to the gym, office, or packed them for your next trip.
☑️ (Increase Your Strength) From beginners to professionals, you can start with low resistance, and gradually increase it as you progress. In order to challenge yourself, you can stack up all three levels for a major resistance.
☑️ (Build Your Dream Body) The all-in-one tool that targets all the muscles of the body and maximize your workout process. Resistance bands simplify your workout routine by not depending on more than one piece of equipment to have a complete workout routine.
☑️ (Durable and Resistant) Gympify resistance bands are made of polyester and latex which offer a higher elasticity, maintaining resistance as time goes, and preventing the bands from wearing out faster. You are guaranteed to get more stretching, resistance and durability compared to other bands.
☑️ (Get More Results) Gympify resistance band set includes two handles and a door ankle that allow you to have a more comfortable grip, and use the bands at different positions to try new exercises and maximize your results.
☑️ (100% Satisfaction) If you choose Gympify resistance bands set, we will provide you with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day refund service. If you have any problems during the use, not satisfied with our products or services, please contact us by email. We will answer your questions within 24 hours
List Price: $39.99

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