HOW MANY Solar Panels Do I Need To Power My RV? System Design Part 4

HOW MANY Solar Panels Do I Need To Power My RV? System Design Part 4

How many solar panels do I need to power my RV? That depends on your power goals, roof space, and the type of panels you choose. In this video we talk about flexible vs rigid solar panels, ways to mount them, portable solar systems, and RV solar panel wattage and size. This is part 4 of our how to design an RV solar power system series. We’ll also cover mapping your roof to figure out what will fit as well as wiring.

Note: I’m not a professional. This is based on my experience with designing, installing, and using a large RV solar system on an American RV.

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RV Travel vlog // Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS // Filmed January 2022

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200W Portable Kit:
Our 175W Flexible Solar Panels:
Z Brackets:
One Example of Tilt Mounts:
MC4 Solar Panel Fuses:

Timestamps if you want to jump to a certain section you’re most interested in, or just watch the whole thing:
00:00 RV Solar System Design Series Part 4
00:36 Portable Solar Panels
02:29 Weight
03:00 Flexible Solar Panels
04:26 Rigid Solar Panels
06:34 How Many Solar Panels Will Fit?
10:19 Adding 10-15% Extra Capacity
10:53 Wiring

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Title: HOW MANY Solar Panels Do I Need To Power My RV? System Design Part 4
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