How Much Is Your Fifth Wheel RV Worth?

Surprising Factors That Can Impact Your Fifth Wheel RV’s Value

Whether you’re buying or selling a fifth wheel, it’s good to know the answer to “What’s my fifth wheel worth?” After all, there are many factors to consider when determining current RV values. It is like purchasing an automobile in a couple of ways. For example, as soon as you drive it off the dealer lot, you have already lost about 20% of your investment. Secondly, how well you maintain it over the years has a big effect on RV values too.

Unlike car values, overall mileage is not a factor for fifth wheel value. But time can be your enemy. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (which is also for RV dealers), after just five years of owning your RV, its value can decrease as much as 45%. After 10 years, this percentage can be as high as 70%. Fifth wheels can have the fastest depreciation. However, there are many ways you can increase the value of a fifth wheel RV.

Manage damage

Appearance does matter. And to many RV shoppers, the outside care is a good indicator of how well internal aspects of the RV may have been maintained. Your goal is to check-mark the Excellent condition box if you are looking to see what your fifth wheel RV is worth. This is especially important when planning to sell your RV.

Most flaws can be repaired quickly and inexpensively. RV repairs create more value than the amount of money you invest to repair them.

Hang onto maintenance records

Keep track of your parts replacements, repairs, and upgrades. It may seem tedious, but if you have plans to sell or trade in your RV later, these records will be very valuable.

RV LIFE Maintenance makes it easy to keep all of your records in one place; plus, it will send timely reminders when RV maintenance tasks are due.

If you do not keep records, the value on your RV will decline. It is also a good idea if you consider having an inspection done on your RV. Even if you are not planning on selling or trading your RV, an inspection can help you identify issues you may miss in your regular maintenance routine.

Repair water damage

If you have any signs of RV water damage, this is something you need to repair before any sale or valuation. You also need to make sure, for your own safety, that there are no leaks or mold and mildew that will be unhealthy.

Own a preferred brand

Starting off with the best fifth wheel RV brand can give you a head start on a better valuation. This is because some models remain among the top sellers for a reason. For instance, some brands use higher quality materials. These well-made RVs have fewer recalls and lower maintenance costs.

Top-selling fifth wheel brands

  1. Grand Design
  2. Forest River
  3. Keystone
  4. Redwood
  5. Coachmen

(This varies, depending on whose list you look at, but these five brands consistently appeared at the top.)

Install new appliances

This is like a brick-and-mortar. The bathroom and kitchen are the best-selling rooms, and you will want the latest gadgets and appliances—and they all should have current features and functioning. Don’t forget about the latest electronics as well as current market features (like USB connections through newer current models).

Invest in occasional RV upgrades

Like a car, you can make a lot of upgrades, but it doesn’t necessarily add to the value. You may have added solar panels, lifts, or washer/dryers.

If you are fortunate enough to get the right buyer who is looking for the exact amenities you have added to your RV, you may be able to get a little more value. But you should never have the expectation that upgrades will increase the overall value of your RV.

How to determine your RV value

You can do a quick calculation of your fifth wheel’s value by taking the amount you paid for your RV, calculating how many years you have owned it, and finding the corresponding interest. Then subtract that percentage from the total paid. That will give you the depreciated value.

You can also use the NADA Guidelines and determine an approximate value for your specific brand of RV (including potential amenities you may have added).

You can come out ahead on the value of your fifth wheel. Try creating a combination of the following:

  • Consider investing in a top brand
  • Keep up your maintenance (and maybe do regular RV inspections)
  • Save yourself a 25% loss by starting with a used RV
  • Look for an RV that has amenities already added without the extra cost of adding it yourself

Get a free valuation from National Vehicle

To determine your RV’s worth, seek out used RV industry experts who can consider your RV’s details and current market conditions. National Vehicle can provide this guidance by assessing market trends and delivering an accurate RV valuation based on up-to-date data. Learn more about their RV valuations on their website.

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