Installing A (400 Watt) Solar System In The Super C RV!

Installing A (400 Watt) Solar System In The Super C RV!

In this episode of Wandering Wagners we finally installed solar on our 2020 Nexus Wraith Super C RV! We have been wanting to do this for quite some time now, and finally decided to go for it since we recently upgraded our fridge to a 12v fridge and wanted to have some solar to supplement powering it while we were traveling and dry/boondocking.
We are going with a smaller system because we have an on board generator and only need the solar for a few things so we are going with a 400Watt panel install.
We bought the panels from @RICHSOLARTALK on Amazon.
200W Rich Solar Panels:

As mentioned, we aren’t solar experts so if you’d like to talk to one, we recommend Ed Jones at @offgridps . We visited his shop last year and were really impressed and his business is booming!

First we tested the panels outside to make sure they are working before installing them. They are working great so we put on the brackets and up on the roof they went. Drilling holes in the roof was pretty nerve wracking! Luckily no wrong holes were made. Ran the wires through the closet and over to the batteries. Be sure to have plenty of Dicor Lap Sealant on hand just in case haha!

The install went smooth and we were able to test it and everything seemed to be working correctly. It may not be the prettiest installs, but luckily almost no one sees the roof LOL
Do you have solar on your RV?

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By: Wandering Wagners
Title: Installing A (400 Watt) Solar System In The Super C RV!
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