Jayflex Fitness RYZE-UPS – Pull Up Bar Handles, Doorframe Pull-up Bar, Home and Travel Doorway Gym

Jayflex Fitness RYZE-UPS – Pull Up Bar Handles, Doorframe Pull-up Bar, Home and Travel Doorway Gym

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Product Description

RYZE-UPS, the modern pull-up bar.

Meet the most advanced pull-up handles on the planet. Personalize your pull-ups. Take them anywhere you go. RYZE-UPS are version 2.0 of our original handles, CrossGrips. The main differences are that RYZE-UPS fit even more doors (wider and taller) and they have a rotating handle.

Patent-pending technology Lock On. RYZE UP.

Invest in pull-up gear with a premium design and build. Our innovative zip clamp and release button allows for simple and fast adjustment. RYZE-UPS are designed to lock securely onto your door so you aren’t going anywhere but up.


Travel, portable pull-ups pull-up barTravel, portable pull-ups pull-up bar Travel and store anywhere. World’s smallest pull-up bar.

Roughly the size of a book and weighing less than 2 lbs each, RYZE-UPS travel light and fast. They are TSA approved and ready to go.

Add bands or straps. Complete upper body workout

RYZE-UPS are perfect for using ab straps or resistance bands. Turn your door into an entire upper body workout by adding these accessories.

RYZE-UPS are perfect for using ab straps or resistance bands. RYZE-UPS are perfect for using ab straps or resistance bands.

MIGHTY strong. Designed to be safe, durable, and to give you BIG results. RYZE-UPS strength and weight limit. RYZE-UPS strength and weight limit. Holds 275 lbs

The high strength, fiber-infused frame is built rugged and tough.

Adjustable and perfect fit. Adjustable and perfect fit. Fast, Perfect Fit On Your Door

Adjustable width and height to fit nearly any door. Change the width with the push of a button. Choose the height from three different settings.

Rotating handleRotating handle Personalize Your Pull-Ups

Rotating handles allow you to customize grip orientation and spacing for the ultimate workout and comfort. Target specific muscles and get big results

Protect your doors. No damage. Protect your doors. No damage. Protects Your Doors

New design eliminates damage to the side of your doors and durable foam and rubber protects your top trim.

Adjustable to fit nearly any door. Door Frame Recquirements

RYZE-UPS fit nearly any door. They are the most adjustable pull-up bar on the market which means you can be fit anywhere. However, there are limits to everything. Please measure your door to ensure that RYZE-UPS are compatible.

Door RecquirementsDoor Recquirements

launchpad logo.launchpad logo.

SIMPLE SETUP: Ready in under 15 seconds. RYZE-UPS have an innovative zip-clamp system that allows them to lock quickly and securely to your door. With the press of a button, you can release the zip-clamp and take them down. Working out has never been so simple.
QUALITY: Made from a high-strength, fiber infused polymer. RYZE-UPS patent-pending design allows it to hold up to 275 lbs per set. RYZE-UPS use the molding on the front and back of the door for added strength and stability.
TRAVEL FRIENDLY: RYZE-UPS fold to the size of a book, and are TSA approved. Store and/or travel anywhere with these compact pull-up handles. Never miss a workout. RYZE-UPS fit anywhere so you can be fit anywhere.
HIGHLY VERSITILE: Two free standing handles allow you to easily change between wide, medium, or narrow pull-ups. RYZE-UPS also have a rotating handle that allows you to adjust your grip orientation for ultimate comfort and to target specific muscles for ultimate gains.
DOOR REQUIREMENTS: Turns nearly any doorway into a personal gym. [IMPORTANT] However, check to make sure your door molding is between 2″- 6″ high and the wall + trim thickness 4.25″- 8.5″. RYZE-UPS fit more doors (taller & wider) than our original pull-up handles, CrossGrips., $119.00, $119.00




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