JBYAMUS Bed Sheet Straps, Easy to Install Bed Sheet Clips, Fitted Sheet Clips Sheet Straps, Say Goodbye to The Messy Sheets (Gray-4 Pcs)

JBYAMUS Bed Sheet Straps, Easy to Install Bed Sheet Clips, Fitted Sheet Clips Sheet Straps, Say Goodbye to The Messy Sheets (Gray-4 Pcs)

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Product Description

JBYAMUS Sheet Straps, Easy to Install Bed Sheet Holder Straps

The bed sheet straps is a creative design which solves our daily worries and makes our life Easier and more Enjoyable!

Bed Sheet StrapsBed Sheet Straps

Say Goodbye to the Crumpled Sheets!

With this bed sheet straps, you are no longer have to worry about the messy sheets, Bringing you and your family a more comfortable sleeping.

Why choose our bed sheet Straps?

A. Start with JBYAMUS’s bed sheet holder straps, Say goodbye to the crumpled sheets, Get rid of one of the most annoying daily headaches!

B. The three-spoke design bed sheet straps easy to install and keeps the sheets in place, It can be used as a perfect gifts for family and friends.

C. Multi-function: Not only for bed sheets, but also for tablecloths, sofas, ironing boards, car seat covers, etc.

D. Light gray is the most versatile color. It can perfectly blend with the colors of our bed sheets, bedspreads and other fabrics. It looks comfortable and not messy!

Can be used from Standard models to California king-size beds

All size beds can be usedAll size beds can be used

Size Details

Size DetailsSize Details


Color: Gray

Material: Elastic Nylon Band + Nickel Plated Clamps

Package Included:

*4 X Bed Sheet Holder Straps

Product Details

Stainless Steel ClipsStainless Steel Clips

Adjustable Elastic BuckleAdjustable Elastic Buckle

Three-Spoke DesignThree-Spoke Design

Stronger and Safer Protection Sheets

The sturdy nickel-plated metal clip has a built-in plastic fastening system, which can not only firmly fix the bed sheet in place, but also prevent the fabric from being damaged.

Adjustable Elastic Buckle

The adjustable buckle can be easily adjusted the straps to the proper length to make the bed sheets stay nice and tight, Work with variety types of bed.

Three-Spoke Design

The three-spoke design is the most stable structure, which can maintain stable grip and long-term firmness without loosening and keep your sheet tidy all the time!


For cridFor crid

For sofaFor sofa

For bedFor bed

For tableFor table

【Say Goodbye to Crumpled Sheets】Are you fed up with sleeping in a crumpled up heap of sheets, blankets, and was getting so irritated with the bed sheets sliding off daily, with this professional Bed Sheet Holder Straps, you can get rid of these most annoying daily headaches!
【Easy to Use】This sheet straps is simple and easy to use. just take out the fitted sheet clips, and locked the sheets in place, It only takes a few minutes to install successfully, Sheets will stay in their place until you take them off, which is much easier than spending time every day to fix the bed sheets in place.
【Strong and Quality】Our bed sheet clips uses a nickel-plated metal and built-in plastic fixing system, which is strong and durable, the three-spoke design has strong stability, so the bed sheet holder can firmly keeps bedsheets or other fabrics from sliding around, and the plastic fixing system prevent the bedsheets damage!
【Perfect Gifts】Because this fitted sheet clips can easily solve one of the annoying headaches in our daily life. It can be used as a perfect gift for family and friends, such as Christmas gifts, When they solve their troubles because of your gift, I think you will be very happy!
【NO WORRY ABOUT REFUND】We believe that from the moment you receive this bed sheet straps, you will love it completely, but If our bed sheet straps has any quality problems, or does not meet your expectations, please return it at any time, we will refund you 100%!, $14.99, $14.99 - $8.45




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