Lamiglas – Kokanee & Trout Trolling Fishing Rod

Lamiglas – Kokanee & Trout Trolling Fishing Rod

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Lamiglas tournament kokanee fishing rodLamiglas tournament kokanee fishing rod

Tournament Kokanee logoTournament Kokanee logo

The Tournament Kokanee Series

This series displays visibly and catches huge amounts of fish every year, on lakes where kokanee & trout are found. Anglers fishing from a boat are often the most productive numbers-wise on lakes. Watching a takedown on a light action trolling rod is an exciting experience. Kokanee & trout are notorious for having “soft mouths”. Combine that with the way Kokanee & trout thrash around when hooked and you have a recipe for fish that have the ability to spit the hook easily. The right rods must be limber enough to give to the thrash of the fish and not pull back too hard against the lip with the hook. They also must load into a down-rigger if using one.

X11 logoX11 logo

The X-11 Ultralight Series

These models perform, while the feel in hand is highly pleasing to the angler. The actions on the 6’ and 6’6” models are a little faster than the average trout rod, which allow for quick, hook-pinning reactions. The bend throughout the rod keeps these fish hooked while protecting the light leaders necessary to lure fish. The 7’0” models are slightly more moderate, ideal for trout and kokanee trolling or bait fishing. These rods are simply ultra-fun to fish.

Infinity logoInfinity logo

The Infinity Ultralight Series

The ultra-sensitive and ultra effective Infinity Ultralight. Premium high-grade graphite blank designs provide the ultimate action for casting lures and baits to trout. These are the top-end USA designs, with a balanced deluxe graphite handle, ergonomic reel seat. You’ll be amazed by the overall feel, but your awe will grow when you cast, and hook into a fish. We’ve updated these rods for even more beauty and performance, with striking green Infinity trim, and a brand new handle design.

Tournament Kokanee logoTournament Kokanee logo

Tournament Kokanee

X11 logoX11 logo

X-11 Ultralight

Infinity logoInfinity logo

Infinity Ultralight

Type of Rod
Kokanee & Trout Trolling Salmon & Steelhead Freshwater Trout
Blank Material
Durable Fiberglass Construction IM6 Carbon Graphite IM7 Carbon Graphite
Guides Material
Stainless Steel Guide Frames Zero Insert Stainless Steel
Handle Type
Classic Cork Classic Cork Custom Built Carbon Fiber
Multiple Gloss Merlot Finish Polished Graphite
Reel Seat
Nylon Molded Trigger Grip Aero Comfort Aero Comfort

FISHING ROD SPECS – Power: Ultralight, Line Weight: 6 – 10 lb, Action: Mod/Fast Type: Troll & Downrigger
MULTI-PURPOSE CASTING ROD – This lightweight and durable 2 piece angler rod is used for many popular freshwater fishing techniques.
DESIGNED IN THE USA – The Kokanee Series fishing rods by Lamiglas are engineered & designed in the United States then built with a proprietery blend of quality fiberglass and graphite for Action & Performance with a slow coated finish.
PREMIUM QUALITY GUIDES – These rods feature stainless steel SeaGuide guides. The combination of their SeaGuide Deep Pressed ceramic ring design and finish allows these guides to hold up to the most rigorous of fishing conditions.
1 YEAR WARRANTY – All Kokanee Series Lamiglas fishing poles are covered by 1-Year warranty against any manufacturing defects of the rod.,




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