Minimalism: The Ultimate Lifestyle for RVers

Minimalism: The Ultimate Lifestyle for RVers

Put simply, minimalism is all about less is more. Not only in terms of material goods but also with regards to responsibilities, commitments, work activities and any other obligations you’ve taken upon yourself. Eliminate the clutter around you and free time for what’s most important and what makes you truly happy and satisfied. Having less allows you to go deeper into yourself, appreciate the small things in life and have richer experiences giving you more vivid memories.

Have you thought about investing in a recreational vehicle to travel around and maybe even turn into your permanent home at some point in time? This way of travel and life (maybe) can present you with unforgettable experiences and give you the time away from your busy lifestyle where you can really reflect on things. For even better opportunities for a unique RV camping experience you can get membership and stay overnight at beautiful locations rather than camping sites.

Minimalism has many aspects to it and it’s not just buying less and spending less but rather developing an overall minimalist mindset. It’s being able to resist social pressure and media influence and stick to your inner beliefs and maintain your autonomy. It’s about embracing the idea of simplicity and applying it to all life decisions.

People turn to minimalism for different reasons and adopt the concept over different time frames. For some it might be a gradual change and start with decluttering their surroundings of unused and unwanted items and being more conscious when buying new ones. While others might take an overnight decision that they need an urgent change of lifestyle due to chaotic and stressful daily life which causes them anxiety and unhappiness. No matter the journey or length of time it may take you, as long as the end destination, minimalist lifestyle, is what you believe will give you comfort and tranquillity in your life.

There are plenty of real life examples which illustrate how individuals and whole families transform their life from being super materialistic, living in large properties and earning big salaries to downsizing and going small and simple in all aspects of their lives. More and more people start sharing the belief that today’s stressful and hectic lifestyle is unhealthy and may lead to long term damages to a persons’ overall well-being.

Here are some examples of ways in which you can adopt a minimalist lifestyle for some time to get a feel what it’s like to live with less. The list includes both simple and easily applied changes and more big and impactful ones.


Declutter your closet

Statistics show that people often wear 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time. This means that our wardrobes are packed with unused and unwanted items which we just keep to make us think that we have ‘more choice’ but it rather makes choosing our clothes more difficult. Therefore this is a good starting point to remove clothing which you haven’t worn in the last year and see how you feel after a month.


Remove impractical items from countertops, shelves and other surfaces around the house

Having all sorts of items lying around the house makes you distracted and unproductive. You often become accustomed to all these distractions and you are not able to notice their presence until they are removed. Try to save things into drawers, cabinets and remove what is unused to see the difference in your energy and focus when all your surfaces are cleared out.


Rethink and reorganise commitments after work and on weekends

Simplifying your commitments and responsibilities and freeing more time to relax and unwind from work is also equally important. Try to work on your weekly schedule and cancel or postpone some commitments for a few weeks to see how this will affect your mood and overall well-being.


Rent or purchase an RV and travel around for at least a month

A great way to enjoy the simple joys of life can be experienced by travelling with a recreational vehicle. Try and adopt a minimalistic approach by packing only essential luggage for the trip and don’t overload the vehicle with unnecessary items. To be more organised and find things easier it’s a good idea to use storage cabinets to sort out your items in the RV.




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