Mobile Internet Overview for RV & Boat – Cellular, Wi-Fi & Satellite (2022)

Start here with our overview video with a look at how cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite might play a role in your RVing or boating mobile internet setup.

Internet access is as essential as water, power and sewer access for RVers and cruisers, some would even say it’s more essential. Internet is an amenity that is vital for working remotely, learning, routing, keeping in touch, entertainment (streaming video & gaming) and socializing.

The options for keeping online while traveling the US are substantially different than those available while living in a fixed location.

And there is no one size fits most solution. Plus, the options are changing ALL of the time. Most RVers and Cruisers end up selecting multiple ways to get online – as the best internet solution is the one that works best at your current location.

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Assessing your needs:

Using Cellular Data:

Using Wi-Fi Access Points:

Using Satellite Internet:

0:00​ – Intro
1:36​ – Using Cellular Data for Mobile Internet
6:11​ – Using Campground or Marina Wi-Fi
7:51​ – Mobile Satellite Internet
10:00​ – Wrap-Up of Mobile Internet Options
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