Motorhome Rentals – 2 Boomers and a Baby RV

Motorhome Rentals – 2 Boomers and a Baby RV

The RV lifestyle has exploded over the last decade, unfortunately, the stiff price tag keeps many away. I know traveling in an RV is not for everyone, but how can I try it out before investing thousands? What if I told you that it is possible to rent one first to see if this even suits you? How do I find Motorhome Rentals near me, you ask.

Well, hopefully, we can answer that question and get you out on the road on your first adventure.

How much does it cost to rent an RV?

Depending on the size and type of RV you rent, expect to pay between $50 and $300 a day.

So, where can I rent an RV near me?

You have several options if renting before buying is what you are looking for.

1. Friends and Family

Don’t hold your breath, but you may have someone you know that would be willing to rent or just let you use their RV. Chances are slim and don’t hold it against them because RVs are expensive and tend to break down at the least opportune times. Borrowing from a friend or family member could cause a riff that will last for years.

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I suggest looking at other avenues if possible to keep the peace with loved ones. There are plenty of rental companies across the country that either have a fleet of RVs to rent or pair you up with someone looking to rent theirs.

So, if you have thought about what to do with your RV when not in use, renting it could be an option too.

Here are 4 companies to help you out if you want to, try before you buy

If you’re thinking about going on a road trip, camping, or renting an RV for a special event, RVshare makes the whole process simple and fun!

Getting behind the wheel of a motorhome is a great way to explore the country while still having all the comforts of home. RVing lets you get up close and personal with nature, and allows you to spend the night under the stars, wherever your destination may be.

Rent an RV from RVshare

RVshare makes RV travel easy by connecting you to owners in your local area, or at your destination. They offer the largest selection of trusted RV rentals in the country. You can search through thousands of options including Luxury Class A Diesel Pushers, Class B Camper Vans, Class C Motorhomes, and Travel Trailers. You can filter your search and compare RV rental prices, features, reviews, and more.

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Check their website for rentals in your area

Like RVshare above, Outdoorsy connects those wanting to rent their RV with people looking to try this lifestyle out.

Everyone should have access, choice, and opportunity to get outdoors. With over a billion days of available RVs in inventory, They realized They could make a difference in helping people access the world outside.

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They don’t own a fleet of identical, anonymous RVs that have seen millions of miles. They are a peer-to-peer marketplace. Connecting RV owners with other campers like them who want the experience of RVing without ownership.

Check their website for rentals in your area

Cruise America is an American Employee Owned recreational vehicle rental and sales company based in Mesa, Arizona.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your family and go on trips to your favorite destinations without ever leaving the comfort of home? You can with Class C Motorhomes from Cruise America RV Rentals and Sales.

How great would it be to take this dream vacation and not ever have to worry about airline tickets, schedules, restaurants, or locating vacant hotel rooms near the attraction you are heading to? By renting or purchasing one of the class C motorhomes made available by Cruise America, this is now possible!

Motorhome Rentals - cruise america class c rv

At Cruise America, They know that there are different sizes of traveling groups. That’s why they offer a variety of sizes of their top-of-the-line motorhomes. Depending on how many you need to sleep, they have the model that will best suit your needs. Oh, and don’t worry about the room; the cargo space in their motorhomes is surprisingly abundant.

Check their website for rentals near you

They’ve got you covered with a wide range of late model RVs including Class C, and Class A models. Their pet-friendly RVs come standard with upgraded amenities and some even have slide-outs for more room on the road.

With locations across the USA, They can be found in most major metropolitan areas from coast to coast. Most of their stores are even open on Sundays. With convenient locations, it’s never been easier to get on the road in an RV.

Motorhome Rentals - class c rv

Whether you’re a novice RV renter or an expert, sometimes we could all use on-the-road support. All of their customers have access to our toll-free roadside support. Their friendly team of RV experts is just a phone call away and ready to assist at any time during your trip.

Check their website for rentals in your area


Besides the 5 places we talked about above, there are plenty of other RV rental locations from coast to coast. Not sure if this is the lifestyle for you? Give it a try first and know for sure before you invest.

Recreational vehicles are a big investment and the last thing you want is a unit sitting in your driveway that you really don’t enjoy using.

So, if you are looking to rent one or rent your existing one, they can help.

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