PALON Outdoor Heavy Duty Waterproof Generator Cover with Easy Access Cover, Windproof, Rainproof, Dustproof, Scratchproof, UV Resistant, Portable Generator Cover (26″ L*20″ W*20″ H, Green)

31xDiow YLL. AC, buynow3,
Product Description

generator covers generator covers heavy duty waterproof、portable generator cover generator covers generator covers heavy duty waterproof、portable generator cover

Sunscreen and waterproof performance

Our products have a sun protection rate of up to 99%, and the products are more tough, safe and durable, with good tear resistance and fading resistance, and also snowproof in winter. Make the generator last longer.

storage bagstorage bag

Storage bags

A portable high-capacity tool pouch for power cords, and other tool accessories

Ventilation mesh portVentilation mesh port

Ventilation mesh

The side of the generator cover has a ventilation mesh design to make your generator more breathable when using the cover

Velcro DesignVelcro Design

Velcro Design

The Velcro design makes the cover fit the generator better and also makes it easier to wear the cover. More waterproof when it rains

sewing threadsewing thread

sewing thread

The sewing thread runs smoothly and the workmanship is fine. Don’t worry about it being easy to crack after using for a long time.

The generator cover is made of PVB material. Compared with other materials in the market, the sun protection rate of our products is as high as 99%, and the products are tougher, safer and more durable. They have good tear resistance and fading resistance. Snowproof, the cover is coated with a waterproof layer for excellent water resistance. Make the generator last longer.
Both sides of the generator cover can be opened to make your generator more breathable. The two adjustable buckle straps on the bottom of the cover tighten the generator cover tightly to secure it in place and still protect in wind and rain, and the inner Velcro straps hold the cover tightly to prevent the cover from being blown away and leaking in the wind and rain, when you Take your portable generator out and about in your running truck, RV or camper.
A portable large-capacity tool bag for storing power cords and other tool accessories. The tool pocket can also be a storage bag when the generator cover is not in use. Two portable carrying handles make it easy to load and unload the cover when you are alone.
When you have pets playing in the courtyard, our products can prevent scratches and bites of pet claws.
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