QRSTK Portable Power Station 1000W Outdoor Backup Lithium Battery 1000Wh/270000 Mah Solar Generator, Power Portable Generator

QRSTK Portable Power Station 1000W Outdoor Backup Lithium Battery 1000Wh/270000 Mah Solar Generator, Power Portable Generator

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1.Built in High Power Density Lithium Polymer Batteries

2.Up to 1000Wh Battery power

3.Tripple DC outputs, Up to 1000W power for car kits, Lamps, fans,etc.,

4. AC outlet , DC 120W, PD 60W, QC3.0, MPPT

5.Protection including: Shortcircuit,Overload,Over temperature proof etc.,

6.Built-in high brightness flashlight

Used for family, camping, hiking, first aid, or other outdoor activities.
To avoid interference when charging, please stay away from TV and radio equipment as much as possible.
If the device has not been used for a long time, disconnect the cable before storing.
Some portable devices may need to be set in the charging mode before they can be charged. For more information, please refer to the applicable manual of the corresponding device.
1000Wh Capacity Solar Generator: The portable station has a power capacity of 1000Wh/270000mAh, the camping power supply can effectively power most electronic devices. Not only is it great for CPAP outdoor, adventure, load, travel, and camping emergencies, it’s also great for home power outages.
SOS Signal Light: Built-in white LED flashlight, can emit 3 lighting modes (constant light, flash SOS mode) to meet your different needs. Press and hold the light button for 3 seconds to turn on the light, and press it again to switch to flashing/SOS mode. This power supply can help you when you’re out camping or experiencing a power outage.
Multiple charging outputs provide more choices: MYWYBAO has 1*AC socket, *USB output, QC18W output, PD3.0(60W) input/output, LED light bar 1, LED light bar 2, LED light switch, DC/solar Charging input, DC output, MPPT, power your smartphone, laptop, camera, drone, refrigerator, blender, etc. at any time without worries.
Lightweight and easy to carry: Designed to be an extremely compact, lightweight and portable power station, the 1000 weighs less than 23 1bs. With a well-designed sturdy handle, it can be easily carried. Plus, the convenient shoulder straps keep your hands free when you need to carry other items at the same time.
Health Guarantee: Pure sine wave inverter, work faster, quieter and more stable. No gasoline or toxic fumes, completely healthy and environmentally friendly. Solar generators always provide professional and friendly customer assistance so that you can better understand and use the product.
List Price: $2,328.75



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