RecPro RV Fiberglass/Filon Roofing | Arctic White | 102″ Wide | Roof Repair/Replacement (40 Feet)

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Product Description


RV Fiberglass Filon siding is a great option for upgrading the exterior of your RV, camper or trailer. Unlike aluminum siding, fiberglass does not dent since it is made of a durable filon material. Fiberglass siding is built to last for a long period of time while keeping it’s same great structure. We offer 8-1/2 feet wide of fiberglass siding with options from 1 feet long all the way up to 40 feet long, so you can get the right size for any project. This fiberglass filon siding has a beautiful arctic white shade to it, and unlike gel coat fiberglass, the arctic white fiberglass shows high visible fibers. If you are looking to remodel the outside of your RV or maybe just need to replace damaged siding, the arctic white RV fiberglass filon siding is a great choice.



Fiberglass is 102″ wide (8-1/2 feet)Gauge (thickness) .045 mill (1/16″)Made of Filon – Durable and smooth reinforced plasticVisible fibers


Our Fiberglass is 102″ Wide and Gauge (thickness) is .045 mill.Made of durable and smooth Filon material.Fiberglass does not dent and is built to last while keeping it’s same great structure. A highly protective film is embossed on its finish panels to avoid damages, this can be removed upon installation



The RV Fiberglass/Filon 8.5′ wide arctic white is specially designed for the external covering of your RV, Trailers, or Camper. It is a delicate composition made with durability, beauty, tenacity, and flexibility in mind. Some of the basic features include:

It is made of long lasting filon material.It doesn’t dent, it is a remarkable improvement on aluminum siding.It is structured for longevity without alterations to its original design.A highly protective film is embossed on its finish panels, this film can be removed upon installation.

Aesthetics: It enhances the beauty of the exterior of your RV, Trailer, or Camper. The material is smooth and very attractive, thus, making the fiberglass a delight of builders/constructors as well as home owners.
Flexibility: It comes in various lengths as short as 1 feet or as long as 40 feet, thus you have something that fits your project of any size.
Safe Installation: the protective film positioned on the finish panels makes it possible to avoid damages during installation. The embossment also protects the fiberglass from damages that could result from harsh chemicals like acids.
**PLEASE NOTE** All fiberglass/Filon/flooring/Superflex/EPDM/Roofing cuts are obtained from a master roll. This means the ends will have a rough edge and will be longer than the purchased cut length. This is done so the customer may cut the piece to exact specifications. Customer will make final cuts.
List Price: $1,179.95

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