Resistance Loop Exercise Bands for Working Out Elastic Workout Band for Women & Men Home Gym Yoga Stretching Strength Training Exercise Equipment Essentials Fitness Accessories, Set of 5

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Product Description


Fitness Resistance Bands Are A Good Helper for Your Workout.


Popular Portable Fitness Equipment

The resistance band set is a very popular portable fitness equipment that can be used for general exercise, stretching, strength training, strength training, yoga, postpartum recovery and more


Exercise Bands

Exercise a good figure of youth, health and vitality

Activate MusclesStrength TrainingRehabilitationTechnical Training

Workout Gym Bands for Body Shaping, Sexy Butt, Slender Arms, Improve Shape, Stretch and Activate Muscle Condition




Full Bodv Exercise & Not Afraid of Breakinc

Made of TPE material strong and elastic & durable

Designed for Movement

Pull-ups, endurance exercises, muscle resistance training, power training, and more

Challenge Advanced Training

The difficulty keeps increasing, experience the feedback your body gives you

Exercise Bands Set Perfect For Outdoor Home Any Workout Office Gym Yoga Pregnant Pilates Therapy





Activate the Buttocks

Increase squat strength & Activate the buttocks and legs, shape peach buttocks

Arm Shaping

Auxiliary arm movement & Create firm lines

Correct Leg Sshape

Leg strength training & Shape the legs

Core Training

Strengthen core muscles & Improve body balance

Multiple Uses- These resistance bands are not only used for sports and fitness, they can also be used by physical therapists to treat their patients. Our elastic bands are for people with leg, knee and back injuries. They are also great for women to stay in shape after pregnancy and childbirth.
Easy to Use and Carry – Can be used anywhere to build strength and resilience, also suitable for warm-up exercises for teens in school classrooms. Adding resistance bands to traditional exercise can effectively increase the exercise load, allow the muscles to be more fully stimulated, and enhance the training effect. Portable and simple design, efficient training indoors or outdoors anytime, anywhere. Work out in the office, keep fit at home.
Excellent Quality & Durability – Made of premium TPE material. Strong resilience and durable. Can withstand pressure for a long time, very elastic and durable, will not break easily.
After Sales Service – If you are not satisfied with our products, free replacement or full refund within 90 days. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
List Price: $5.19

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