REVIEW: LED Light Kit for RV Awning

REVIEW: LED Light Kit for RV Awning | LED Light Kit for RV Awning

12’ LED Awning Lights for RV & Campers | IP68 Waterproof RV Awning Lights | The Most Complete RV LED Awning Light Kit in The Market!

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✔️The ONLY & COMPLETE DIY RV awning LED Light Kit INCLUDES: 12’ LED Strip, 12x 1’ UV-Treated Polycarbonate Channels, VHB Tape, Waterproof RF LED Controller/Remote, 2x 6’ 12V Power Adapters, 2x LED Strip Caps & Degreaser Wipes. Now all WATERPROOF connections. Every Kit includes instructions to help you through the install!

✔️SAY GOODBYE to CHEAP & POOR FITTING LED awning lights. The V2.0 LATCH.IT LED Strips use a silicon tube inside the UV-Treated Polycarbonate channel w/ all WATERPROOF CONNECTIONS that allows it to be IP68 WATERPROOF! The VHB tape backing on the LED Strips & PC Channels KEEPS IT TIGHTLY SECURED on your camper or RV!

✔️INSTANTLY LIGHT UP and SET THE ATMOSPHERE outside your RV or Camper! Use the RF remote to TURN ON, TURN OFF or DIM the lights from wherever you are! Change the lights TO ANY COLOR and ADJUST THE BRIGHTNESS as necessary to set the proper atmosphere you want – Max Brightness of 1800 Lumens Depending on color!

✔️INSTALL the LATCH.IT RV Awning LED Lighting with EASE! CUT the LED strip to ANY LENGTH AS REQUIRED. Wire it directly to your PORCH LIGHT, LIGHT SWITCH or ANY 12VDC SOURCE using any of the TWO included 12V Power Adapters.


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If you’re looking for a complete and high-quality LED light kit for your RV awning, then the LATCH.IT LED Light Kit is definitely worth considering. This product comes with everything you need to install it yourself, including a 12-foot LED strip, UV-treated polycarbonate channels, VHB tape, waterproof RF controller/remote, power adapters and more. The instructions are clear and easy to follow so even if you don’t have any experience in installing lights on your RV or camper before, this kit will make it easy.

One of the best things about this product is that it’s completely waterproof thanks to its IP68 rating. You won’t have to worry about water damage or short circuits due to rain or moisture anymore. The silicon tube inside the polycarbonate channel ensures that all connections are waterproof too. Additionally, the VHB tape backing keeps everything tightly secured on your vehicle without leaving any residue when removed.

The LATCH.IT RV Awning LED Lighting can instantly set up an inviting atmosphere outside your RV or camper with just one click of a button using its RF remote control feature. You can turn on/off the lights easily from wherever you are and adjust their brightness as necessary depending on what mood you want to create – whether it’s bright white light for cooking or dimmer colors for relaxing evenings outdoors.

Finally, installation couldn’t be easier since there are two included 12V power adapters which allow you to wire directly into any porch light switch or other 12VDC source available in your vehicle – no electrical expertise required! With this product being backed by a 30-day free shipping trial offer from website where they sell many other great products specifically designed for those who love camping life like us; we highly recommend giving them a try today!

REVIEW: LED Light Kit for RV Awning

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