RV Decorating Ideas for Every Budget Camping World

RV Decorating Ideas for Every Budget Camping World

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a full-time camper, one of the most incredible things about owning an RV is turning it into a recreational reward that you look forward to camping in. You don’t have to be an expert nor do you have to hire an interior decorator to make your RV look cozy, fun, and stylish! An RV can be your canvas to express yourself, the seasons, and more.

Although gutting and renovating an RV can be fun to imagine, it requires creative and practical to give your RV a new look and achieve the best results on any budgetCheck out our top tips for how to decorate an RV for every budget.

Keep It Simple

RV Interior Wellness Escape
Image: Shutterstock

A common mistake most new campers make when they are eager to decorate their RV is shopping for a surplus of knick-knacks they believe will look good inside their RV. This can easily lead to an RV appearing cluttered. When in doubt, remember less is almost always more. With simple ideas, any RV can be decorated and look fantastic regardless of the budget. Look for items that due double-duty and have more purpose than one, like a cutting board that doubles as a sink cover.

Swap Out Fixtures

Modified Light Fixture RV Decorating Idea
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Disguise an older camper with new fixtures or hardwar to give it a modern look or a theme. Try using lightweight parts, or interior items designed specifically for RVs to stay within the safe weight limits for RV travel. A visit to the nearest hardware or recreation store allows a great opportunity to see the size and installation requirements of fixtures before buying them. Check out these easy RV interior lighting updates.

Throw Blankets

Design Center RV Furniture
Image: Camping World

Throw blankets can make any bed or sofa look stylish (and comfortable!) within seconds. If you are not sure what kind of bedding set will look most appealing in your RV, try a throw blanket on a white comforter set and see how you feel about it. Give it a few days or weeks before making the plunge for all-new bedding. Who knows? The layered look might be more your style in the end. 

Pillows or Pillow Covers

Home Away from Home Throw Pillow
Home Away from Home Throw Pillow

Pillows, pillowcases, and pillow covers allow the opportunity to change the theme of a room in minutes. Choose decorative pillows that can be used for every season or choose pillowcases that you can remove and wash for easy clean up. Prolong the life of your pillow inserts by simply switching out the pillow covers or pillowcases seasonally. Doing so prevents the insert from being constantly exposed and washing the covers is much easier than the entire pillow.

Decorative Candle

RV Fall Decor and Candle
Image: Jenny Anderson

A single decorative candle, or a few in a group, can make an RV feel warm and inviting. Try wickless candles or limit the use of multiple candles in an RV for safety reasons.


Lanes Less Traveled Family
Making room for a large family in an RV is easier than you think… and super cozy with the additions of blankets and rugs.

If you are unsure of how to decorate an RV, pick out a rug first! Rugs are a fun and easy accent to design a whole room around. Runners can wake up an entire space and direct the flow of traffic. A tip to keep a rug in place is to purchase a grip liner and place it underneath the rug so it doesn’t slide.  

Get Crafty

RV Decorating Idea Craft
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Visiting a variety of craft and recreational stores can help someone find inspiration and create a unique living space with efficiency and affordability in mind. Whether you choose to buy an item as is, or repurpose it into something else entirely for a one-of-a-kind look, it’s completely up to you!

Create an Accent Wall

Revive RV Wallboard Kit
Revive RV Wallboard Kit

Turn a plain wall into a masterpiece in an afternoon by using peel-and-stick wallpaper. Peel and stick wallpaper comes in all kinds of designs and it is very easy to apply for a clean finish. Stick to one design or mix and match a few for an eclectic look and feel. The best part? It’s super easy to switch up should you change your mind or design style down the road.

LED or String Lights

RV Campfire String Lights
Image: Shutterstock

Ambient lighting can transform the mood of any space, especially your RV living space. String lights are affordable, easy to stow away, and come in different styles and colors. They can easily be strung behind furniture or along the corners of walls. Fun fact: a budget-friendly time to buy string lights before you need them is right after the holidays. String lights can be used throughout the year for seasonal and emergency lighting, run off solar batteries. Their low-watt usage doesn’t need a generator to accommodate.  

Using these easy decorating ideas can help transform an RV in as little as a day. If you have bigger ideas and the time to execute them, consider a consult with Camping World’s Design Center. There you can meet with a Design Specialist to bring all of your interior decorating ideas to life.

More RV Decorating Ideas & Inspiration

What RV decorating ideas and tips do you have for sprucing up your RV? Tell us in the comments below!

rv decorating ideas for every budget

Bionca is a motivational speaker, homeschooling single mom, and camping enthusiast that formerly lived and traveled full time in a campervan with her kid as she delivered anti-bullying speeches in schools. The inspirational family now travels and camps with their adopted rescue dogs and horses while creating content about travel, and camping.




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