RV Hose Storage – Set of 3 Hose & Electrical Cable Bags – Must Haves For RV Storage And Organization, The Camper Accessories And RV Sewer Hose Storage Bags To Make RV Life Easier

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Set of 3 Hose and Electrical cable RV storage bags with a waterproof interior and mesh top to allow for hoses to dry. Each bag has dimensions of 18″ diameter X 5.5″ height. The set also includes 3 accessory organizational straps with carabiner end to secure bags or keep hoses and cables in order. You will love not having piles of cables when you open up your RV or trailer.
These time-saving bags are color-coded and clearly labeled to stop the need to search through containers for the right hose. They are also space-saving, as their soft material design conforms to the shape of the hoses and fits into any space that the hose will fit into. (The images in the pictures show the bags stuffed to show the total size and shape of the bag)
Designed to fit into tight spaces the images showing them stacked and rigid are for illustration purposes only. Once the hoses are inside they can be stored individually and take up no more room than your contents inside. With soft sides and base, they fit wherever you need them to and are separate, and not intended to be stacked, to ensure black water hose storage is separate from fresh water hose storage, and water is altogether kept away from electrical cables. Again the stackable image is for illustration only. You will find it much more sensible to store them apart and near where they will be used.
So let’s add these essentials to your RV life, make your camper a little more organized and get you back on the road. Whether you are looking for camper accessories for travel trailers or your must-haves for RVs, these bags fit the bill. At Red Dot Road we are determined to make RV life that one bit simpler.
No More Searching Through Plastic Bins to find the right hose – Save time with these RV accessories – The color-coded, large label design shows you instantly where things are. Make your life easier with this RV hose storage bag set!
Allows Hoses to Dry – The waterproof inside material and the breathable mesh top allow hoses to vent and dry over time. This RV must-have is a travel trailer sewer hose essential!
Set of 3 – because these bags are great for water hoses and electrical cables but they don’t work for accessories. Buy just what you need, nothing more!
At Red Dot Road we believe that well-organized time allows more fun time. After all, life on the road is about getting out there, climbing a new mountain, seeing a new city, and kayaking on a different river! We know how important RV organization accessories are to your journey and at Red Dot Road we strive to bring you those that make sense.
List Price: $22.99

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