RV Surge Protector 30 Amp TOVEN Circuit Analyzer with Integrated Surge Protection(2100 Joules) Smart Power Defender for RV with LED Indicator Light & Anti-Theft Deduction RV Accessories

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Product Description


50 AMP rv surge protector50 AMP rv surge protector

Why do you need a RV surge protector?

90% of all RVs Do Not Have Any Form of Electrical Protection.

RVs today have highly sophisticated electronic circuitry with an array of expensive appliances ranging from air conditioners and microwaves to LCD/LED TVs.

When RVs are connected to a power pedestal for shore power at campgrounds, parks and other locations.The single largest threat to an RVs electrical system and appliances is the “power pedestal”, either miswired or faulty electrical power. Faulty power can result in significant damage to these appliances.

Purchasing a surge protector for your RV is one of the smartest investments that you can make immediately after buying it. It’s essentially a one time insurance purchase to protect your RV from outside electrical problems.

rv surge guard 30 amp for camperrv surge guard 30 amp for camper

TOVEN-RV Surge Protector 30 amp


Identifies faulty park power. Protect your RV & Camper from voltage levels higher than 132 VAC and lower than 102 VAC as well as power surges.

Weather Resistant Design

Waterproof rv surge protector designed for outdoor use. You won’t have to worry about weather messing with this model it has a huge operating temperature range that extends from negative 40 degrees to 105 degrees celsius the protector is wrapped in a thermally protected housing for added safety.

Product Specification Input voltage: 125V, 60HZ Maximum current: 30 AMP Maximum current: 30A Surge protection level: 2100J Wire length: 1.5 feet Dimension: 17*4.5*4.7 inches Weight: 2.2 pounds

RV Circuit AnalyzerRV Circuit Analyzer

rv surge protector 30 amp surge guard full protectionrv surge protector 30 amp surge guard full protection

water 30 amp rv surge protector for camperwater 30 amp rv surge protector for camper

RV Circuit Analyzer

Diagnostic LED, Correct Wiring, Open Ground, Reverse Polarity, Open hot, Open Neutral, Hot/Ground Reverse, Hot on Neutral with Hot Open

Professional Surge Protector Circuit

The RV surge protector offers 2100 Joules of surge protector. Protects your RV electrical equipment from dangerous high/low voltage, electrical disturbances, and sudden power surges due to thunderstorms.

IP67 Waterproof

All-weather resistance. All-weather shielding components designed specifically for outdoor use

rv surge protector 30 amp with easy to use handlerv surge protector 30 amp with easy to use handle

waterproof surge protector for rv camperwaterproof surge protector for rv camper

UL certified rv surge guradUL certified rv surge gurad

Easy-8-Pull Plug Handles

Ergonomic handles for plugs and sockets. Easy to insert and pull out

Waterproof Cover

Our RV surge protector has a sturdy deep waterproof cover

UL Certified

Plug, wire and internal parts of surge protector are UL certified, extension cord is fireproof, high-temperature Resistant.

rv surge protector for camper trailerrv surge protector for camper trailer

RV Accessories

30 AMP RV SURGE PROTECTOR: TOVEN-RV waterproof 30 amp RV surge protector can identify faulty park power and offer 2100 Joules of surge protection for RV camper/trailer. It is designed for outdoor use and protects your RV from dangerous high and low voltage levels as well as power surges
CIRCUIT ANALYZER: The RV surge protector is a smart power watchdog. Connect the RV surge protector to the power supply. The LED indicators will show whether there is a fault in the power supply, preventing malfunctions due to Reverse Polarity, Open Ground, Open Neutral, and other wiring issues
SAFE AND RELIABLE: UL Certified & ETL Certified. 3-levels complementary RV surge protection circuit composed of TVS, MOV (metal oxide varistor), and GDT (gas discharge tube). The strong and sturdy PVC extension cord is fireproof, high-temperature resistant
EASY TO USE: Connect the 30 amp surge protector to the power supply. Plug and play. Designed with waterproof cover, weather-resistant, all-weather shield assembly. Ergonomic handles plugs(NEMA TT-30P) and sockets(NEMA TT-30R). Easy to insert and pull out
ALL LIFE AFTER-SALE SERVICE: UL Certified & ETL Certified rv accessories. Please Purchase according to the power supply parameters(30A 125V 3750W). If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, we’ll respond to you as soon as possible and try our best to give you a best solution, $69.99, $69.99




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