RVs vs. Motorhomes: Do Know the Difference Between Them?

RVs vs. Motorhomes: Do Know the Difference Between Them?

People usually use the terms RV and motorhome as synonyms in everyday conversation. A lot of folks out there enjoy the idea of home on wheels, camping vehicles, and the freedom they give. But we frequently use the wrong terms while explaining which type of vehicle we got or want to get.

Terminology is a bit complex for people who are new to the ‘home on wheels’ world, but it is not impossible to learn. In this article, we will help you to better understand the types of vehicles that are in the market and what are the biggest differences between them.


What is RV?

RV is short for Recreational Vehicle. This term covers a lot of different vehicles, motorhomes being one of them. So, in other words, motorhomes are a type of RV. There are certain requirements that a vehicle has to have in order to be considered an RV.



What is an RV by definition and specification?

Firstly, an RV can be a vehicle that can be driven, aka it has its own motor or a vehicle that has to be attached to something for moving. Motorhomes are in this category that has a motor, and which you can drive as any other vehicle.


To call one vehicle an RV also requires certain physical characteristics. Firstly, RVs are built on single chassis. Secondly, as previously mentioned, they can be driven or town by a lightweight truck. Their size can differ and they are accordingly split into different categories.

RV essentially is not primarily designed as a permanent habitation space, but more as a temporary one, such as camping and similar.


RV types and specifications

To explain the difference between motorhomes and other RVs in more debt, we will list RV types and their characteristics. A slight reminder, all motorhomes are RVs, but not all RVs qualify as motorhomes. The motor in question is the primary difference.


Bonus tip: RV requirements can vary from country to country, as well as from state to state, so make sure you do your own research on that for a specific place.

We believe you are excited to start your RV journey, but please be cautious, there will be plenty of time later to customize your vehicle according to your desires, get personalized number plates, and such.

There are 4 types of RVs:

  • Motorhomes
  • Towable Campers
  • Fifth Wheel Campers
  • Truck Campers


We have already mentioned the key difference is in the motor. These vehicles usually come in 3 classes – A, B, and C.

A-class motorhomes are large vehicles that people often choose as more permanent habitation options. These are powerful enough to be used as towing vehicles as well. They have a lot of space inside, so more people can settle there and still be cozy and safe with plenty of storage space left.

They are usually pretty safe and easy to drive and do not require special licenses if they are not over 26,000 pounds of weight.

B-class ones are smaller and are usually used for shorter habitation, such as camping, family vacations, and others. B-class motorhomes are said to be the most efficient motorhomes when it comes to fuel.

They are essentially vans that are adapted to have living space in the back instead of regular van seats. Some of these can have toilets and/or showers inside as well. Another thing that is convenient about these B-class motorhomes is that they are smaller and do not usually require special spots for storing as some A-class ones do.


C-class motorhomes are on the larger side similar to As. They are usually built on pickup truck chassis, and the front of those really looks like a pickup truck. Space-wise, they are larger and comfier than B-class motorhomes.

These motorhomes are more affordable than A-class and are more spacious than B-class, so if you want something budget friendly with a decent space, these are definitely for you.

We hope we helped you to better understand RV types and their characteristics. Good luck finding the vehicle of your dream and starting your journey.




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