SILIVN Camper Leveler 2 Pack-Curved RV Leveling Block with 2 Curved Straighteners 2 Blocks with Built-in Handles 2 Grip Pads 1 Level and Bag with Camper Wheel Stops for Travel Trailers

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Product Description

Camper LevelerCamper Leveler

Rv leveling blocksRv leveling blocks

SILIVN RV Camper Leveler By Homeon Wheels

1. Now you only need a set of car leveling blocks to solve your headaches

2. It allows you to stabilize your RV smoothly and firmly on any rough road.

3. It can be applied to any altitude, there is no need to worry about the problem that it cannot be used because the altitude is too high.

camper levelcamper level


15.7″L X 6″W X 4.3″H ( the Curved Leveler)

8.2″L X 6″W x 3.9″H ( the chock )

17.9″L X 6″W x 0.2″H ( the rubber grip mat)

camper blockscamper blocks

Sturdy structure

The RV leveling block can resist dirt, grease and oil. And make them the perfect choice to keep your vehicle or trailer safe in any climate.

RV Leveling BlocksRV Leveling Blocks

Steps for usage


Determine which side needs to be leveled, and push the thin end of the RV leveling ramp block bearing seat kit as far as possible into the tire. Make sure it is really tight.


Slowly drive onto the levelers until you reach the desired level.


Insert the block under the leveler, and that’s all.

rv blocksrv blocks


This RV leveling block can be applied to any altitude. There is no need to worry about the high altitude and low temperature causing the leveling block to fail to work normally. Just bring a car leveling block and you can go wherever you want, whether it’s rough roads or high altitudes.

【Precise leveling of the RV】: When using the RV leveler, you don’t need to level both sides of the trailer, you only need to place the leveler on the lower side, stop precisely for 3 minutes and ensure that the leveler remains level and parked smoothly , And then add the coupled wheel block, you can level your RV. And is equipped with anti-skid pads, which can effectively prevent you from sliding during use.
【Non-slip Mats】:This RV leveling block is equipped with two curved levelers and two blocks. Both have a slight anti-skid line on the outer surface to enhance friction. There are some rubber gears on the bottom of the horizontal block and on the high-grade rubber grip pad to help prevent the level from sliding when it retreats.
【Easy operation】: Using this RV leveler is very simple, you only need to determine the height you want, stop precisely for 3 minutes, keep your RV leveler in place and make sure it stays horizontal and parked smoothly, and then add Coupled wheel block. This leveler is also equipped with a high-quality packaging bag, which is very easy to carry.
【Heavy and dauty construction】:SILIVN Camper Leveler is made of high-performance polymer, which is durable. The motorhome leveling block is perfect for any motorhome or trailer and weighs up to 30,000 pounds.
【Two-axle trailers do not need trimming】: The double-axle trailers do not need to be trimmed when using this RV leveler, and do not need to cut off the bottom like other RV levelers. It is more convenient to use and will not damage the leveler. Its force., $49.99, [price_with_discount]


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