Solo Female Winter Camping in a Snow Storm – Van Life F250 Truck Camper – Snowboarding Deep Powder

Took my F250 truck camper right into the middle of a three day snow storm, we got over 47 inches of snow and I got some deep powder runs!

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Van life in a truck camper always brings new adventures, today I’ll show you how I manage to camp in my truck camper with lots of snow fall. I’ll also show you some of the highlights of the storm including some amazing tree runs and untouched powder.

Snowboarding in this much powder is the best way to snowboard, you get this amazing weightless feeling which induces a flow state of mind and a release of dopamine. I frankly don’t enjoy skiing down a groomed run nearly as much as I enjoy a fresh sheet of snow. If you’ve never experienced this before I highly recommend searching out some fresh snow asap! Some would compare it to the weightless feeling in a float tank.

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