Unique Ways to Use Your RV During the Holidays

Unique Ways to Use Your RV During the Holidays

The Spring and Summer are prime camping seasons and your RV most likely gets a lot of use during that time of year, but when the year is coming to a close and the holidays are coming up, your camper can still get a lot of good use. Getting to use your RV all year round is a great benefit to owning one. 

If you are not taking your RV to a warm spot to get away this season, try these four different ways to use them during the holidays.

4 Unique ways to Use Your RV During the Holidays

  1. Second Kitchen
  2. Guest House
  3. Hide Presents
  4. Store Food

Second Kitchen

During big food holidays like Thanksgiving, having an extra prep kitchen is helpful for big families and gatherings. If there are several people prepping different dishes, having a place for a second kitchen is really convenient. This second kitchen space can add additional room for others to gather while preparing a meal, but everyone can easily come together once all the food is prepared to enjoy the holiday together. 

Another great idea is preparing food for the main course in a separate kitchen and using the RV kitchen as the dessert kitchen if your family likes lots of dessert options. Having access to an extra kitchen during the holidays can be really helpful for large families who need the extra space to prepare tons of food.

Guest House

Having visitors stay during the holidays is a common occurrence, but sometimes there isn’t enough space for everyone to sleep comfortably. If your friends or family still want to be close, using your RV as a guest house for visitors is another great use for the camper during the holidays. The RV can be set up at home and your visitors can have a separate and private space to go to at the end of the day to fully recharge. 

Using your RV as a guest house is a great way to host more people and offer them a comfortable place to stay. Guests might even prefer the ability to have their own space while visiting as it gives them the chance to have as much privacy as they want. 

Hide Presents

Hiding presents is another unique way to use your RV this holiday season. If you have sneaky kids who want to try to get a peek at their gifts before the holidays, this can be a great way to know their presents are locked up and hidden. RVs come with so much storage space throughout the interior and even the undercarriage storage spots. Most campers come with under-bed storage, wardrobe space, and overhead cabinets, so these are really great hiding spots for gifts before the big day. With all the extra storage space that’s not currently being used, it can easily have enough space for the many gifts for all your friends and family. 

Store Food

After the holidays there tend to be tons of leftovers of food, some might not even be open. If nonperishable foods are stored in airtight or locked containers, the RV pantry and fridge can be a great place to store food if the RV is not currently being used. The extra storage space can be used as a second pantry after those big grocery shopping trips. You can also use the RV’s fridge to store all the leftovers that may not fit into your home’s refrigerator. 

Owning an RV offers more benefits than just camping. Getting to use your RV in these unique ways is a great way to get more out of your camper and have the ability to use it all year long. 

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