Upgraded RV Hose Bag, 3 Pack Waterproof RV Hose Bag Storage Organizer for Sewer Hoses, Fresh/Black/Water Hoses, Conveniently Stores Electrical Cords, Camper Accessories for Outside (A-Bags Set)

Upgraded RV Hose Bag, 3 Pack Waterproof RV Hose Bag Storage Organizer for Sewer Hoses, Fresh/Black/Water Hoses, Conveniently Stores Electrical Cords, Camper Accessories for Outside (A-Bags Set)

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Product Description

hose baghose bag

hose baghose bag

Why Choose Automavenn RV Hose Bags?

Keep Your Travel Life Organized.

Do you think it difficult to keep your RV accessories organized? Do you feel tedious to waste time setting up and packing in on travel? We offer you 3 separate hoses/electric cords storage bags in different colors, perfectly meeting your storage needs. Help your organization be more efficient, so that you can enjoy your journey.

What You Got. 3 Different Color Bags, Easy to Identify. More Large, More Space Upgrade Interoir Lined, Durable Material 4 Hook & Loop Design Straps

hose baghose bag

hose baghose bag

KEEP YOUR JOURNEY LIFE NEAT &ORGANIZED: Have you ever been stuck with packing RV equipment and accessories on the trip? Our high-quality RV hose bags perfectly solve your worries, help you quickly pack up cords and hoses, make your storage organization more efficient, and you do not need to look for accessories in messy RV storeroom. The bag is made of high-quality polyurethane material, not easy to be broken. Each RV hose bags has color corresponding to its function, You can find them quickly.
WATERPROOF&DURABLE MATERIAL: With a waterproof lined interior, a strong breathable mesh top, our storing bag for camping equipment allows air to get in and let excess water evaporate, ensuring a dry environment for your water hoses. Made of a wear-resistant material, which will not get wrinkled easily. Durable fabric handle, convenient for carrying.
3 COLORS FOR DIFFERENT STORAGE USES: There are there different colors of RV accessory bags, all of which are marked with text for easy identification, green bags for fresh drinking water hoses, blue bags for dirty/black water pipes/sewers Hose, yellow bag for wires/cables, help you keep camper hoses and cords separate, you can quickly know which bag they are in and find the right one when you need to use them Bag.
ENOUGH SPACE & Fit Up to 50”Water Hoses: Our hose bag has a single size of 18x18x10 inches, there is enough space for even the longest hoses, and even space to store your cable adapters, RV dog bones, surge protectors, etc. Especially in winter, the hose expose to the cold weather, become rigid and not easy to coil, you must need a larger width of the storage bag to store your water hose. The width of our 18 inches storage bag is 2inch larger than others storage bag in the market, easy for you to pack your coiled water hose.
BREATHABLE MESH & REINFORCED HANDLE DESIGH: The strong breathable net can quickly evaporate excess water, also you can specify the contents of the bag through the mesh holes clearly. Reinforced handle makes it easy to lift heavy objects without worries. We are very confident in the quality of the hose storage bag, you are satisfied with the purchase, if you have any questions, you can contact us, we will serve you 24 hours a day.
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