Using your RV’s Furrion Solar Power Port

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Video 2: Connecting a Suitcase panel to your RV:
Video 3: Voltage Drop Issues and extension cables:
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Video 5: PWM vs. MPPT Charge Controllers:
Video 6: Upgrading to a MPPT Charge Controller:
Video 7: Series and Parallel Solar Panel connections:
Video 8: Charging a Jackery 500 with the Renogy Suitcase:
Video 9: Upgrade the Furrion solar port for more Amps:
Video 10: Eight common connection configurations:
Video 11: Yet another Furrion Solar Port Video:

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Grand Design, Forrest River, and perhaps other RV manufacturers have been installing a Furrion Solar Panel port in their RVs, for the attachment of a solar battery charger. However, the connector does not come with the RV, and unless you buy the Furrion Solar Panel, you don’t get the connector.

How to connect to a solar panel with the Furrion Solar Port:

 This connector is available from both Amazon and eBay:

Once there look for Cnlinko part number LP-20-C02PE-01-001

Note that the seller has told me they intend to keep these connectors in stock, so if you don’t see them, please contact the seller.

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Title: Using your RV”s Furrion Solar Power Port
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