WATCH THIS Before Buying Your 1st RV!!

WATCH THIS Before Buying Your 1st RV!!

Welcome back everyone! Today I have a list of 8 or 9 tips for first time RV buyers I’ve gathered over the years of my career. Hopefully this helps you avoid some of the most common pitfalls I see new owners fall into regularly & sets you up better for your camping experience!!

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00:00 Introduction & Welcome
00:57 Tip 1: Rent/Borrow First!
02:25 Tip 2: Be Willing to Speak with a REAL Human
04:05 Tip 3: Go Used First! (Benefits & Drawbacks)
10:00 Tip 4: Have the RV Inspected
13:45 Tip 5: Ask what you get for your $$$
15:10 Tip 6: Put Money Down when Financing
18:44 Tip 7: Record Your Walk-thru
20:33 Tip 8: Ask a LOT of Questions!!
22:57 Bonus Tip: Join a Camping Community
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