Wyked Yummy Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet – Imperial & Metric to U.S. Standard, Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Chart, Conversion Chart for Baking, Cooking Conversion Chart

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Why get a Wyked Yummy Kitchen Measurements Conversion Chart Magnet? Well… for starters, you will save valuable time searching for the correct measurements for recipes. No more getting flour or sugar on your phone or making a complete mess of your tablet. You won’t even have to remember all the liquid volume and dry weigh conversions. The handy oven temperature chart and boiled egg timer is a perfect little add on. Picture this… your grandmother gives you your favorite recipe. You know, the one from the “old country”. You grab the ingredients, roll up your sleeves, and now you’re ready to rock n’ roll! But you look down at the recipe card and noooo! All the measurements are in metric units. UGH! You now have to go look up all the conversions online. What a time waster! Wouldn’t it be “wyked” awesome if you had a kitchen conversion fridge magnet? We think so! 🙂 Grab one for those “just in case” moments, get one for the RV, second home or buy one as a gift for a friend or relative. It’s a perfect little add on for any kitchen refrigerator. We’re a New England Family Brand Wyked Yummy is a New England brand focused on providing excellent service by offering unique and delicious treat combinations. Many of these items are native products to the northeast area of the United States. If you grew up here, then moved to another part of the country, you may not be able to find some of the brands you love in your local store. This is where Wyked Yummy comes in!
IT’S A CHEF’S CHEAT SHEET! The Wyked Yummy Kitchen Measurement Conversion Chart Magnet is designed to give helpful cooking conversions and information at a glance, our 5×7 inch fridge magnet is an essential tool for professional chefs, culinary artists, bakers, and the all-important at home cook.
WHAT’S ON IT, YOU SAY? This convenient cooking conversion chart magnet includes some of the most common metric and imperial conversions you’ll need: dry weight conversions for ounces, tablespoons, grams, and cups; liquid volume conversions to fluid ounces, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, milliliter units; convert temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit, and a handy egg timer.
YOUR FRIDGE’S BFF: It takes the guess work when converting cooking and baking measurements. The durable high-gloss UV coating will keep it looking new and fresh for many years. It will also make it nice and easy to wipe clean. (Designed for indoor use only) It provides quick and easy access to the most commonly used measurements, for example, teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, quarts, gallons, and milliliters.
EASY TO READ: Our conversion magnet has a nice clean design with bold print to easily see your conversions at a distance. No need to make guesses when converting measurements in the kitchen; place the conversion chart for cooking on your refrigerator or any flat magnetic surface; the easy-to-read typeface makes for effortless reading.
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