YOFIT Bed Sheet Holder Straps, 16 Pcs Fitted Sheet Clips, Adjustable Triangle White Fitted Sheet Straps, Bedsheet Holders Fasteners Bedroom Accessories for Mattress Covers, Sofa Cushion

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16 Pcs Sheet Straps: Do you hate waking up with the corner of the covers popped off or sliding down the mattress?! Use our quality fitted sheet straps, it will never happen to you again. This product helps prevent the bottom sheet from slipping off bed, perfect for people who toss and turn a lot in sleep.
Simple & Effective: This 3-end fastener clip holds the sheets in three places which is more stable than 2-end fastener (tips: move the two side clips further to make a bigger triangle which can avoid slipping-off to the greatest extent). So there is no way the sheet will move, also the clips will not damage the sheets.
High Quality: The straps are of high quality, easy to tighten/loosen. Also the elastic and the suspender type snaps are made from premium materials and they work well once they are on the bed and adjusted.
Easy to Install: Our fitted sheet straps are easy to install and remove. Just attach three clips on the sheet corners first, then put the sheet corner back on with the clips already attached, and when placing the sheet over, tuck the elastic strap under the mattress, no lifting required.
Multiple Use: 16 Pcs bed sheet clips bedroom accessories make your life easier and more enjoyable, work well with all kinds of sheets, memory foam mattress sheets, pillow top, throw blankets, sofa covers, mattress protector, ironing boards, tables/chair cloth, cars seat cover, etc.
List Price: $15.99

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